09/11/17 11:32 AM
Re: Compiled damage report

Here is a post from LaVista that was on Facebook which is public.
From Andrea @ La Vista Resort
My owners..this is Andrea from #SXMSTRONG and #LAVISTASTRONG . I have some internet so I am taking this time to say thank you for all the emails and messages I have not been able to read..LOL..we are ok but living as cavemen. No running elektra and help is slow in coming. Janella and I survived in room 5's bathroom by the grace of God. The roof from room 19 fell onto our porch and protected us from more winds when our doors blew open. We sat in the bathroom with our backs against the door to hold it shut. But there are 100 worse stories. La vista is severely damaged..the island is catastrophically damaged. I am awaiting the insurance adjuster but it is impossible because sxm is shut down and the military has taken over. I have not heard from all my staff as communication is impossible and driving around is not allowed. Debbie is fine. Yeimy lost everything. Marleni is reasonable and most gardeners and security lost everything. I only heard from Alexia the housekeeper..she lost part of her roof. I know everyone is thinking of us and everyone is anxious to return. In all honesty I don't see that happening right now not in the near future. Materials will be hard to come by especially since Houston and Florida have also been hit with disasters recently. 90% of St. Maarten lost their roof so skilled labour will be hard to come by. I have absolutely no idea how long this will take. I doubt I will be able to reopen La vista anytime soon. Right now we are all in survival mode. Glad for a shower by bottle and a glass of water and so grateful for a roof over our heads. I will only be able to assess any timeline through a professional which is not available right now. At this point I do not have an answer for you. I am afraid we will miss this season completely. La Vista Beach is less damaged than La Vista but also has a LOT of work that needs to be done. I know all of you have a million questions. Please bear with will be weeks or even months before we have a functioning infrastructure although everyone is working around the clock to try and restore everything. They will have to go house by house to rebuild water pipes and electric lines and it will take time. IT WILL happen! Hopefully sooner than expected. I am so grateful for everyone's support and I hope for better communication soon. I can't answer anyone right now and Facebook updates are done via via from Holland and Canada. Sorry for the long post. I don't know how long this generator will run as diesel is only for emergency. The situation is dire but some good must come out of it. We did it 22 years ago and will do it again. Oh...also...all the cats are still with us..lovey..oreo and shadow...don't know how they managed but they did..thank you all and I hope for more news soon..

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