09/11/17 06:06 PM
Re: American Airlines

When Steve called he said i need to cancel my trip in April...she said oh st martin...I sad. Your miles will be put into your account and the taxes will go back on your credit card.

He looked ...the miles were back in his account. He immediately used them to book a trip same time frame only a week less to Jamaica.

End of story

Folks...I don't know if you listened to the video today by Steve Payne the manager of Club Orient...but this is not a matter of repairing to reopen. Most of Club orient is completely GONE. And It sounded pretty clear to me that Steve Payne wants to go home to the USA. He said he promised his wife they would only stay 6 months and that was 9 years ago. I think the man is exhausted....and i completely understand. If the owners of Club Orient not only have to rebuild the entire resort...but they have to find a new manager to boot...we could be looking at a really long recovery time.

I am a very optimistic person...and i am so hoping that Club Orient will be back in business in April 2019...but i am not sure that is realistic.

Look how long it took to build all the new little buildings on Orient Beach....

Now you are talking Cleanup...getting supplies...and rebuilding every single one of addition to all the resorts and restaurants.

Look how long it took to rebuild the mini suite that burned down at Club Orient. One building.....

How many buildings does Club Orient have to replace?

I am not interested in going to another resort. I want club Orient....and when and if it gets rebuilt...we will be the first to go back.

but this is a huge job and it will be prolonged by insurance and owners and lack of supplies.

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