09/12/17 03:47 PM
Re: American Airlines


Cathyg said:
Wow... we must be special

I did not realize my husband has such clout....

You are special. Best deal we could get with AA was return our miles and refund our taxes all for the low, low fee of $175 to put back our 80,000 Frequent Flyer miles. Our problem was we booked our tickets on February 17. We could only switch to another location if we completed our travel by 2/16/18. The AA representative was really surprised we were canceling our November 6 reservation. "Your trip isn't until Nov. 6. I'm sure repairs will be made by then." Never booking a flight that far in advance again. Wish I could say "never flying AA again" but we live in Charlotte where AA controls 90% of the gates.

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