09/12/17 06:23 PM
Re: American Airlines

My scheduled flight in today was split...flight home Sunday Delta...I'm diamond and on miles, took a minute and refunded fully. American flight down today....6 phone calls, five times on internet, four apps for refunds....arguing with them as they refused to refund seat upgrades, until I yelled at them. Success and this on a flight hubbing through closed Miami airport that they cancelled both legs...otherwise, I was getting no where, it was a cash ticket. On Delta, they just moved my Feb flight to Roatan without penalty but again, I'm Diamond, but this was not a miles ticket....status has its privs, but American is the worst....I could tell you stories of an airline abandoning people in middle of night on diversions that even didn't pull the gate checked stuff off the plane...refused to do so...the stories get worse from there, but only midweek SXM airline right now

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