09/14/17 04:09 PM
Re: Kudos to Jet Blue Airlines

I just had an unproductive half hour on the phone with Jet Blue for our October 28th flights.

Unlike you, there is no direct from the DC area. So we had to connect both ways in San Juan. Now granted, this was purchased THROUGH JET BLUE, but they use Seaborne for those San Juan legs.

They offered to put a Jet Blue credit in my account for a year. I don't know that we will travel on JB at all in the next year, so she went to speak with a supervisor.

Supervisor said NO REFUND, and NO CREDIT either because of the Seaborne issue. WTF?!!! I am angry. She agrees with me that the flights will MAYBE be cancelled if the island closes to commercial aircraft and tourists. Only THEN, if the flight is cancelled will I receive a refund.

Unable to make other plans now, as $$ is tied up.

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