09/17/17 05:37 PM
Re: American Airlines

Called on Saturday. We had purchased tickets ($660 pp) for Oct 28 from PHL. I wanted to change one ticket to Cancun in October (meet friends) while husband just wanted to cancel. Initially agent asked for $200 each to do either action. I mentioned this forum saying many were having this fee waived and agent said HOLD while I connect with HELP DESK (first she asked me what dates and flights I wanted for Cancun) after several minutes she returned saying I was now ticketed and was getting a $114 voucher fare difference credit to use within one year (next September). I asked "what about the cancellation for my husband" and after another HOLD while agent went to Help Desk, I was told ticket canceled and another "ticket" (?dummy) had been issued for use by May 10 which was a year from date of issue for original ticket. She said when making a new booking, make it online with 24 hour hold then CALL them with the "new ticket" number to apply the fare credit. I asked how could I extend that date beyond May and she said I could make a request online via their customer service email.

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