09/18/17 07:58 AM
Re: American Airlines


GaKaye said:
For those who have had problems getting AA to refund: the reservationists do not have the authority to refund. Go online, scroll down to Contact us, and then to Compliments and Complaints. Fill out the form, explaining the situation and requesting a refund (or whatever it is you want). Our flights were for November 25 thru December 9. I explained that our unit would not be available for us, and I asked for either a full refund or a credit to be used at any time in 2018, with no change fees. I received notice today that my purchase price will be refunded in full.

Thanks for the advice GaKaye. We booked in July, one way with points and one way we purchased tickets. Called last night to cancel and requested full refund and points to be returned. Was advised that per company policy they could not provide a refund, only a voucher for travel by July of next year, and that to return points there would be a $150 fee on first ticket and $25 on second. After requesting a supervisor they informed be that I could contact customer service. I submitted a complaint last night. Wish I had read your post before I made the call, would have saved some aggravation....

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