09/18/17 12:49 PM
Re: American Airlines

? Re AA vouchers.......
As per my post just a bit above this....I called on Saturday morning to make my changes. I am expecting two for my changed flight fare difference, and one for full amount of husbands cancelled ticket (although I am confused about his because they said to use the ticket number which is same as the old one, and call in when you have another reservation on hold)
I was expecting an EMAIL from them with at least MY voucher credit on it but 48 hours later I have received no such email. I logged inti each account and can see nothing there. Evidently you need a voucher and piin number which they say are provided via email.
Has anyone else gotten their voucher emails......what is usual lag time? I sure dont want that ball dropped because we have almot $800 riding on them.

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