09/21/17 06:59 PM
Re: American Airlines


The_Lurker said:

mcpandt said:
Hasn't worked for us. I really have to believe these flights are not going to go in mid-November. I guess we just have to wait until they cancel them. I am wondering why different people are getting different results.

Did you try writing a message on their website through customer service?
You pick American Advantage Customer Service's complaint and write a short message. (A few steps)
It seems to work.

We did that and they told us to call the Aadvantage line. Our situation is a little unique as we used flier miles down and bought the tickets back. The Aadvantage folks offered to put the miles back without fees, but we had to use the purchased tickets within one year of purchase to any destination. Problem for us is we don't have a need for the tickets and won't use them. Our other vacations are planned and paid for.

I like the idea of the CEO, I think I'll go that route. Otherwise I'll just wait for them to cancel the flights.

Thanks everyone for the ideas. That's the great thing about this forum.

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