09/28/17 09:59 AM
Re: First cruise ship back on November 11

They are gonna need a smaller boat.......from Jaws.

No i draw the line at the just over 3k limit. Emerald princess size. Actually no line drawn just havent been on one bigger. But i have been on much smaller, like 500.

I did tender into phillipsburg on the celebrity constellation a few years ago .......aboutt 2000 pax........ Wasnt that bad. Just like an out island or grand cayman. Just get all the boats going in a merry go round.

Grand cayman didnt have any real security on the landside dock. Just a dude looking at cruise cards before you boarded the life boat in lines we all established ourselves on the return.

The dock the princess tender hooked up to in grand cayman wasnt all that big. Plus i remember twoo other ships at anchor that day including one of mickey mouses.

Just saying all the modern trappings might not be fully in place and a little improvisation might need to be in order to get things going.

Same with the airport. You dont need a jetway. In fact i have never used a jetway in st martin. Always air stairs. Ive gotten wet luggage all arounf the U.S.

Maui used to have open air baggage claims under a roof.....polynesian island feeling.

Again, im talking interim measures until all can be repaired to what we are accustomed to.

Good thing im not making any real decisions

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