09/28/17 11:23 AM
Re: First cruise ship back on November 11

I certainly wont interfere, but i will come asap when i know it will be enjoyable, safe, and helpful.

I think it will take time but I think we may be surprised how quick they can bounce back. The island is 20 years more sophisticated and better off than the were. More to get working for. Probably better insured. Better laborers, better/chaeper supply chains.After all folks have to just keep living. I certainly wont be on a devestation tour but heading to whatever accomodation, beach, restaurant the is open. Im sure i will see things along the way. But, we see that every time we go, grand places that havent been rebuilt and i ask did that fancy place start crumbling in 1935, 55,75, or 1995.

I went to Haiti in 1979 on the Skyward. Took a 14 mile roundtrip donkey ride up the mountain on a donkey crap covered path to see Citadel Laferierre. AWESOME. The roads from Cap Hatien to the base of mountain were like bombed out craters. Saw unstaged christian voodoo taking place alongside the trai. All part of the cultural adventure. Folks lived in grass huts.ère

SXM will never be that bad.

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