09/29/17 03:15 PM
Re: Post Irma List of Things open on SXM

this is all good, and it shows real effort to get back what was lost. However!!!! There are lots of folks stressed out due to owning and can not even get back to access damage to there property, or even try and start repairs... Lets pray the airport can get back to get flights in, or else all of this is good, but not for most... I am not even referring to vacationers, but we and many others have to get back, we can not take another vacation, and this is our home away from home... And frankly, all repairs will make the Island good again, not just resorts... I am glad there gusto to reopen stuff, but that stuff really can not survice without outsiders money... This is horrible for anyone invested in the Island... But considering the damage, which is huge, its a good sign...

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