09/30/17 08:40 AM
Re: First cruise ship back on November 11

It seems that people are forgetting one big fact. It is not just the Govt/Port Authority that is going to make this decision alone. You have the cruise lines that will make the final decision.

And they are not just going to accept an arbitrary date that says they can port. They will want an evaluation by their own people. That will include is it safe to port their ships, what are the security issues, what is the status of facilities that these ships need in port, what is the ability to move/transport their passengers in a safe manor and where. If they want to offer a beach excursion for example what are the facilities available to serve their passengers. If none exist then they are not going to let it happen.

That evaluation alone is not going to happen in a few days and until they are assured by their own evaluation they are not going to port in SXM.

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