10/01/17 05:09 PM
Re: Post Irma List of Things open on SXM

It is odd that anyone has stock or much of the stock that would be needed to match a menu. Alcohol isn't much of a problem, it's the meat and bulk supplies that come into the island. Containers are backed up at the docks. There are a few main suppliers that handle the food service industry, and I cannot remember the French supplier but Im sure they might have had a bit of looting done, as has Divicos damage and looting. Merchants Market being the main supplier on the Dutch side on Orange Grove was damaged and a statement from them included this as of Sept 25th. but no updates since...

"Our St Maarten facility was hit the hardest, followed by St Thomas. The Anguilla and St Croix warehouses fared well with minimal damage. Many customers businesses were damaged/destroyed and there are curfews still in place. We are assessing each island separately to determine what needs to be done at each location to rebuild/repair so that we can return our businesses to the pre-hurricane state.
The coming days will bring all of us more great challenges.
The Merchants Market Team will be here.
Still Standing."

Some places are open but I am sure very limited in what they have for the people who had to stay behind and keep moving to rebuild what they have lost, but I would not think up to standards that most of the travelers are usually accustomed to...

Which just throws another question out there that I have, They are announcing that Nov. 1st the IGY yacht club will be open for the Yacht season. There has been an announcement of 200 sunk and or submerged vessels are in the Lagoon. Just like anything to function here, there are a chain of events that are not even in place yet for it to be totally realized what it will take.

No one has mentioned the fact that during Luis, the Govt. didn't allow any incoming air or boat traffic that wasn't not registered as a resident or owned a business until 6 months after the storm...

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