10/04/17 07:26 PM
Re: Divi Little Bay will not open until May 2018

I wish I could tell you but we had a friend with us who was very accustomed to driving in the British way so he did most of the driving. No way would I get in the car with my DH behind the wheel knowing full well wed be hitting round abouts all over the place and he sometimes has issues with them in SXM on the correct side of the road

I am absolutely certain you will have no problems with cabs either from your Resort or in town and perhaps, given the traffic and parking situations in Bridgetown, the resort may well offer an excursion. If so, Id take that route myself.

We spent almost every afternoon exploring the island and oh, the places we found - a sugar plantation and factory, a lighthouse out on the Bathsheba coastline not to mention the coastline itself, and a beautiful old monastery in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. We even stumbled across a fishing pier where the local fishermen would sell you their fresh catch if you got there at the right time of day.

I loved our time in Barbados but I believe the Resort we stayed in, the original Crane Beach Hotel, is now gone and has been replaced by mucho dinero condo units, or at least, so Ive been told. Our location on that far removed shoreline was half the pleasure of our only trip to Barbados. I thought the SXM beaches far superior but the basic island of Barbados was incredible, not to mention all the activities from sporting events to racing and of course, the different beach venues.

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