11/09/17 07:25 PM
Re: NAf. 661,482 funds approved Jan. 8, 2018 election

Hey folks.....SXM is their island and country. If they choose to spend 400k...or a million bucks....it's up to THEM. We, Americans, do NOT have a say for how they conduct their business!! Almost like the Russians, telling us, how to conduct ours. :)
I am sure that every businessman and resident on the island knows how much the election will cost....but in the long run this election is important also, for the rebuilding of the island, which all of us will appreciate.
I am sure the residents of SXM can point their fingers to the USA in their voting customs. How much money is it costing for the DECEMBER special election in Alabama???? It is NOT our Country...Let's stay out of the politics of it. my two cent rant. ;)

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