11/09/17 07:42 PM
Re: NAf. 661,482 funds approved Jan. 8, 2018 election


I am sure that every businessman and resident on the island knows how much the election will cost.

This may or may not be true but if it is, what can a resident or businessman do about the actual cost?

I am going to disagree with what a lot of local residents know. Many times I will see something on TTOL or elsewhere, call my island friend about it and he has heard nothing about it. Many of them rely on US TV for information and this will not be covered. I was talking with a local friend/island resident and he had no idea about the recent Las Vegas shooting. Since the hurricane he does not have TV and has basically been out of touch. I am going to venture to guess, many island residents learn more about what is going on in their country from various forms of social media than they garner through local sources. Not everyone on the island reads the local papers either.

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