11/09/17 09:17 PM
Re: NAf. 661,482 funds approved Jan. 8, 2018 election


ruralcarrier said:

... Many times I will see something on TTOL or elsewhere, call my island friend about it and he has heard nothing about it. ... Not everyone on the island reads the local papers either.

This could be one of the reasons they have what some have called a dysfunctional electoral system with so few people participating in the voting. As the saying goes, you get the government you deserve.


I was talking with a local friend/island resident and he had no idea about the recent Las Vegas shooting.

I am guessing that in a very real sense the horrific shooting 3,400 miles away in Las Vegas is not overly important to people trying to recover their own lives after a cat 5 hurricane. So I can understand many people living there not knowing about it.

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