12/07/17 09:26 AM
Re: Airport names first CFO

While the island in general is making decent progress What's really incredible is what you still have to go through to arrive or depart SXM. I have been on and off the island twice since Irma its hard to believe they can not figure out something better than a crowed small tent that you have to claim you bags then drag them over to a little hole in the wall where they push them into another small room for you to claim after you stand in line for one or two immigration ladies to stamp you in. Then out to the street through another small door where there is no where for people to pick you up cause they won't let anyone stop there so you have to drag you bags another block down to the Taxi lot. Totally crazy set up! They found a $100 million or more to build that airport so something is really wrong with the management if they can't find something better than a tent. I know they are trying and I hear something is in the works for a better arrival experience , lets just hope it comes soon.

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