09/14/17 12:19 PM
We're back, sort of

Our electric is not back yet, but a friend's electric came back on and she gave us her generator. We just started it and it's not acting great, but hopefully will start running better here shortly. ATT cell service is back here in town, so hopefully will be able to get on from now on. No idea how much longer it will be before we have electric, as the Duke Energy update is still saying Sunday.

We will try to do some reading today, (as well as getting some sleep, I hope!) and then will get caught up with what is going on.

As of now, we are not able to respond to requests for password resets or to register new members. Sorry. I know there is a huge backlog of those requests.

Thanks more than I can say to JD and Pat for trying to keep things under control here while we were 'occupied'. We would truly be lost without JD's help.

Be kind to one another, people.

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