10/04/17 06:01 PM
Re: Sarasota Realtor - help needed


Sungoddess said:
I recently misplaced the business card I had for a Sarasota realtor that I meet when in SXM...Does anyone have a connection to a realtor in that area who can help me? Thanks patty

Patty - When I was on the jazz cruise early this year, I learned that the husband of the president of the Sarasota Jazz Club is a realtor. I had someone else lined up for viewing homes after I got off the ship but after a day with him and his wife have decided to not contact him again.

I'm going to Sarasota again early December and will use the hubby of the woman I met:

Tom Pluto
Cell Phone: 941-504-2719

Tom has had his brokers' license since 1975 and has been very responsive so far.

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