11/06/17 09:22 AM
Re: TomB and Chianti lovers


We were in Yorktown this weekend babysitting grandchildren. Our oldest and his lovely wife celebrated the big #5. The only thing better than travel is being with grandchildren! Although, I can honestly say by the end of the weekend my years were showing with an active 4 year old boy and 6 month old princess who does not like to sleep longer than 30 minutes. Sunday’s drive home was blur.

Barbera is a favorite in our house. Always serve with food! Barbera is not Chianti – It is better! (of course IMHO)

You must be complimented on two things: 1) You found a Barbera less than $10 and 2) You found something at Whole Foods for less than $10. Both are amazing feats!

Remember – It is always cheaper by the case.

BTW - did you stick with Photobucket?

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