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Cozumel trip

Park Royal Trip 4/24- 5/1
May 08, 2010, 7:57 PM

Here is my trip report that I posted on TripAdvisor recently.

We are a week back from our trip to PR and Cozumel and here are a few items of interest. First of all, this was our first trip to Coz and naturally The Park Royal. I was impressed by both the Island and the resort. We picked Coz for the snorkelling and were not disappointed. The snorkelling right at PR was good enough with easy access and plenty of fish and variety. The resident barracuda even made forays into the little beach area from time to time. We did the Fury catamaran tour and the first stop was great and the second just OK. However, we did see divers below us at # 2 stop which was cool. Stop at the beach was neat with plenty of 'toys". Best snorkelling hands-down was Dzul-ha and the Money Bar. Easy entrance into water, great visibility, plent of fish with some we had never seen before, and a great menu at the Money Bar with reasonable prices.

We rented a car from ISIS and got a brand new Chevy Aveo. Used it for two days and saw the East Side and stopped at Coconuts. It rained most of the day and as we couldn't eat outside, we had a few beers and drinks and kept going. Did not do the Tranversal Road as the beach was so pretty on the East side. Stopped for pictures at the Arches and was offered some pot. NO thanks! BTW, the trash on the beaches on the East side is horrible. Too bad the community of Cozumel does not organize something to pick up the litter, Maybe some of the hundreds of cab drivers should do that instead of waitng all day for one or two fares. Just an idea.

We had NO problems at The Park Royal. We were put on the fourth floor and couldn't get any higher. Room were clean, comfortable, safe worked, and two bottles of water every day. Food was varied and sometimes interesting, but there was always something to please. Ate at the speciality rests three times and reservations were a snap. Computers were adequate in the business center and most folks obeyed the twenty minute usage rule. Walking was not as bad as some had posted. Played beach volleyball every day and drank as much as we wanted. Everyone at the PR was super nice and worked their butts off keeping the place clean. One morning we had a leak in the ceiling of bathroom from the AC and someone was there in five minutes after we called to fix it. Drain line was stopped up. The peacocks weren't so bad and a couple of the females had chicks. The iguanas were cool as well. Mosquitos were bad early morning and evening. Once you found some wind, no problem.

I would go back to the PR and Cozumel tomorrow. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt safe wherever we were. Did a little shopping at Mega and did our trinket purchases at Island Outfitters right down the street from the PR. Timeshare people were not harassing and they quickly found out we were not interested. I am glad we stayed n the southern end of the Island for ease of getting around. I really like the way the old and new road run along side each other.

Wanted to do Punta Sur but it was raining hard. It was a relaxing and fun vacation especially learning a new Island. I will mention that I did get a touch of something but it passed, LOL. Nothing to ruin a vacation.

Another thing I need to mention is that the other guests at PR really made the trip enjoyable. NO one is a stranger and laughs and good times really rolled. Wonderful place and the stress just melted away. I would highly recommend PR to anyone going to Cozumel. The residents of Cozumel are warm, friendly, and very polite.

I appreciate all the help from the forum (TripAdvisor) prior to our trip and hope this little report will help someone else. Happy travels, Mike.

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