04/05/17 07:31 AM
March visit

Hi All,
THis will be a quick post. As most of us have our favorite restaurants, places to stay, etc. I won't go over our list. But we did try a few new things, at least new to us, this trip. We enjoyed an Art Tour with Seagrape Tours. This company offers many different tours. Ilja, owner/ tour guide was professionsal, well versed and just a really nice person. The tour takes you to four different art galleries where you get to meet the artist and view/purchase their work. There are a max of six people on the tour. Ilja, offers a list of artists and we all vote ahead of time who our favorites are. Majority rules. As she drives us around, she shares the history of the island. Excellent tour!!

We tried two ( new to us) restaurants. Sale and Pepe, Simpson's Bay, was wonderful. Fresh food, good service, nice atmosphere. The other restaurant we tried was Dish D'Lish, Airport Rd. Just two doors down from Atlantico Bakery. It has an extensive menu. One of the largest I have ever seen on the island. According to the manager, the chef is CIA trained. Well, the food proves it. I ordered Oslo Bucco. They were most accommodating to serve it with risotto instead of mashed potatoes. My only regret is we discovered this wonderful restaurant at the end of our trip.

Can't end without mentioning Kenny's Car Rental. We have rented from Leslie for ten years. He is the best!!

Another great three weeks spent on our favorite island.

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