09/25/17 12:12 PM
Port de Plaisance & Marinas Video

Port de Plaisance, Island Water World & Isla Del Sol marinas
video after hurricane Irma.

09/25/17 12:55 PM
Re: Port de Plaisance & Marinas Video

We stayed at Princess Port de Plaisance many years ago - the time share units are located on a small island in the lagoon - from the video it seems they survived this hurricane - can not tell the damage to the interiors which no doubt is extensive - boats are all over the place - terrible...

09/25/17 10:12 PM
Re: Port de Plaisance & Marinas Video

The opening of the video is the J dock at PDP, which was my winter home the last ten + years. That overturned cat next to the sea wall was owned by a local family My friends' boat was in one of the empty slips and ended up at St Maarten Yacht Club.

Those condo units were lousy from day one and a few had been renovated. The pool up top was already trashed and closed the last few years. Looks like the shell survived.

Scary to see it all up close.

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