09/30/17 11:04 AM
Post Irma still issues

We are still dealing with post Irma issues in a variety of ways. This is in Florida, so imagine the complications for those on the islands.

My debris pile as of now about 5-6 foot high, 5 foot wide and 20 foot long. And probably half as much still. This is just tree braches, etc., and did not have any trees come down. The local officials and waste managment only want that waste in this pile. Other waste like shingles, appliances, household goods are to be kept seperate. Maybe in a week or two they might be able to get to my pile. The one thing I have seen picking up tree waste is basically and 1/2 semi-trailer with a claw behind and another 1/2 semi-trailer. Many times it can only get between 1/2 block and 1 block before both trailers are full.

Insurance claims filed, one survey of the damage. But nothing else at this point in time. Even once settled and no clue how long that is going to be, getting the repairs may take months.

Have to put more tarps on my roof, as the thunderstorm yesterday showed that I have a leak in the roof (under control at the moment) but need to try to protect it more so we do not loose a ceiling. Some of the plywood on the roof has been compromised. Starting to see more and more blue tarps on roofs around here.

Grocery stores are now restock, gas is available without problem. Do not know about the hardware stores, as I have not been in the last week. But there is a really big lowes distribution center here and the semis have been hauling loads and loads of supplies to the stores. But just think about how many homes and businesses here will need all of those supplies and then some.

I also work with a local care center which is also a disaster relief agency. To say they have been stretched to almost a breaking point is an understatement. You would not believe the amount of food/water, etc. that they have given to people in need. Not to mention for assistance with utilities, rent and temporary housing. Fortunately we had some generous donations and some emmegency assistance funding from United Way to help. It is yet to be determined how far we can stretch those funds.

But we are getting there a little at a time, as we also have to run our businesses, otherwise we cannot pay the bills. So you do what you can in the mornings on the weekend as by noon you do not have to take a shower as you are soaked from head to toe!

All of this, and yet we are in pretty good shape compared to many others around here. So imagine the struggles they are having in the islands.

09/30/17 02:19 PM
Re: Post Irma still issues

Increaed the debris pile by 25% today, and still have a lot to do. Morning is additional tarps on the roof, at least two more as I am thinking now. Have to make sure I can secure them, have the idea.... will see if it works. Right now it is over 100 on the roof, so that is not happening now.

There have been some deaths here from heat stroke, so as they say be careful.

09/30/17 02:27 PM
Re: Post Irma still issues

Also forgot to mention -- for pat also, since she likes them so much!

Skeeters!!!! Report on Thursday (locally) -- increase in the skeeter population by 3 times in the last week. They are doing arial spraying of basically our whole county as of now to try to control the skeeter population.

Problem is, there is still water standing in places that I have never seen in ten years.... so skeeters are now also an issue here.

Imagine in SXM.

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