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The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters
      #1676924 - 12/29/15 12:02 PM (

Hello all, I'm a newbie to this forum and to bareboat cruising but excited for our first trip to the BVIs this winter!

We have rented the Chachaa from The Captain's Compass and would like to know if anyone has rented from them recently and more specifically, that particular boat?

I have read a few older posts on this forum but looking for something more recent with advice, boat details, overall experience and the 'red zones' that Brent marks on the map.

Thanks very much for your assistance.

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: CaptJack7]
      #1676962 - 12/29/15 05:12 PM (

Captjack7. When I looked into chartering with Brent, his redlines were no mooring in White Bay JVD. As for Anegada, you can go, but no chase boat. I did not charter from him so I cant offer any info the boats themselves. Hope this helps.


You can't put a price on fun!

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: 1mjk]
      #1676976 - 12/29/15 06:37 PM (

I'm wondering why you book first and ask questions later. Why not do a little research prior to chartering?

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: CaptJack7]
      #1676990 - 12/29/15 09:16 PM (

just saw a recent thread on this over at cruisers forum..

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: sail2wind]
      #1676991 - 12/29/15 09:16 PM (

I'm the owner of Island Fun, a Leopard 42 in Brent's charter. We chartered with Brent over the years prior to buying The main reason we both chartered AND now have our boat in his care is because of his care and over the top concern for continued great sailing for everyone using his boats. Maintenance is a top priority as is maintaining the safety of his boats and charters. You will never go wrong chartering from Brent. There are reasons places as White Bay are red lined. There's another tread dealing with White Bay. There is more damage done to boats there than the rest of BVI put together. Granted, Brent looks after the well being of his boats and why shouldn't he? And believe me he is more intoned to the pros and cons of sailing in the BVI than any charterer. As an owner, I have a substantial investment in my boat. A boat I love and appreciate not being abused. I am very happy to share my boat and only expect people sailing her to be safe and considerate. If you have issues about Brent not allowing going into White Bay, please don't even consider my boat, I have no problem taking the dingy over from Great Harbor. Getting back to your main question, you will find on your arrival, a fully operational and well maintained boat ready for a great adventure. Brent has many repeat customers, that says tons to me. We were down last week and on our return, a family had just arrived for their turn on the boat you have chartered. She looked great, was fully operational and ready to sail. You will find "your" boat in that same state and ready and waiting for you.
Happy sailing, Frank

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: jagmansr]
      #1676995 - 12/29/15 09:44 PM (

CaptJack, welcome to TTOL a great place for great info...

I recently returned from the BVI from our 3rd rental from Captains Compass.

I agree with Brent about White Bay, several years ago we were on a boat from another company and while safely moored in white bay, the boat was hit twice from 2 other boats and one other failed to set his anchor properly and ended up between our pontoons.

I had a starter problem, called Brent, met his mechanic in Trellis Bay and was repaired in less than 4 hours after the initial call.

The boats are clean and ready to go when you get there, and Brent gives you a very good briefing on the boat as well as the Chart.

Have not been on Chachaa but have seen her, looks good.

Franks "Island Fun" is an awesome boat, had a great time on it in June.

Feel free to PM me if you have other questions.

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: Capnmike]
      #1677072 - 12/30/15 04:38 PM (

I have chartered ChaCha twice. Last time was last March. Time before that was two years ago. For us the boat was fine. We're not fussy though. I will say that I did notice a decline in its condition by the second time we chartered. Mostly cosmetic stuff on the inside. The bottom looked like a hay field. I assume it's been cleaned and/or painted by now. One other thing that bothered me a bit was that the boat seemed to list to one side at anchor. Not sure why. It was enough I could feel myself wanting to roll to one side while I slept. Weird. The rigging and sails were good. Motor ran well. Never had issues with battery charging. One thing I wish it had was light in the cockpit. I would consider bringing a battery operated light next time. It would make sitting out in the evening a little nicer.
Anyway regardless you can't beat the price Brent charges. We would charter again just for that reason. Pm me if you want more info.

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: BrentCummings]
      #1677086 - 12/30/15 08:33 PM (

Not what I would consider a great endorsement but you tried.

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: 1mjk]
      #1677090 - 12/30/15 09:31 PM (

Brent like all of us, is unique, either your personality works with him or it doesn't. He doesn't drink or smoke which are common island vices. He also is constantly in motion.

No one can clean a boat like he does, but he won't put sheets on the bed since people put suitcases on the clean sheets. When I do a SAB, I don't want to put sheets on my bed.

When there is a maintenance issue he is on it quick and generous with drinks and dinner, but he should have done the preventive maintenance, but he is too busy cleaning. His mechanic is a great guy, but moonlights from another charter company.

His boats are cheap and perhaps more like the boat you have at home with issues rather than what you would expect from a charter company. Nothing wrong with this, but don't perfection. For some people any mechanical issue is cause to post bad reviews rather than realize you got a great price and should tolerate issue.

I have no issue with his White Bay redline, but I think you are an idiot to take the dinghy over, use a cab. As for Anegada, usually you will know before you get there if there are boat issues. Rarely do I see chase boats on Anegada, this is a non issue.

He is also very quick to throw the attorney card and will sue. He has his reasons for doing things and does not like to be questioned when you want to do something different.

He has been in and out of the charter business 3 times in BVI under different names. He will say he has been in business for much longer than he has.

He has his very loyal following and very vocal critics, you must make up your own mind.

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Re: The Captain's Compass Bareboat Charters [Re: Tortola7]
      #1677105 - 12/31/15 08:04 AM (

Ahoy ... Brent here ... I love the internet ...
Bottoms painted - Lom Dee Nov '14, Imiloa Nov '15, Island Fun Nov '15, Afloat Nov '15, Chachaa (Beneteau 393) Nov '15.
2 Court cases in 20 years (Former business and former boat owner ... never a guest) and won both ... so?
10 years with Pro Valor Charters starting '92, 3 years with Pro Valor Sailing, 5 years with Captains Compass and, yes, most of my guests are repeats or referrals.
Kneafsey/Tortola 7 is right - definitely not perfection, it will never be good enough for me.
Just had my best year ever but always looking for ways to improve, Happy New Year.

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