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Scrub Island     Sponsor Top
Description One can only imagine what Columbus would have thought had he arrived on our shores and tied up at Scrub Island Marina today. A 'New World' would be quite an understatement. With everything today's yachtsman wants - plus the accoutrements and extravagances that make Scrub Island, well, Scrub Island - a visit to our marina, and our private island, is truly a modern day discovery. Our full-service, fully flushing, world-class marina provides 53 deep-water slips available for lease or transient docking, including five for mega-yachts. Centrally located in the heart of the resort, the Scrub Island Marina is just a short, beautiful stroll to the island's exclusive restaurants and exclusive retail shops, as well as the Marina Village rooms and suites. This premier British Virgin Islands marina offers a host of amenities including: Metered electricity, (110v/220v) with 30-amp, 50-amp, and 100amp .
CategoryBritish Virgin Islands : Villas, Hotels and Condos
Date Added03-16-2011
Rating   5.00 (out Of 5)
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