Greetings from Annapolis, here is my perspective on CatCo going back to their Nanny Cay days....

I don't like CatCo.

I had a Lagoon L380 I bought through CatCo and placed in their charter fleet. The honeymoon ended when they told me my literally brand new boat needed a bottom paint job- and the cost would be $5000. I called Nanny Cay and got price quotes for haul block re-launch, and got estimates for a proper bottom paint job.The total was less than half of CatCo's quote.

After I voiced my dissatisfaction, the weirdest thing happened- people stopped renting charter cats in the BVIs! At least, they quit renting mine! Quelle coincidence!

I found CaTco to be double talking, smarmy [censored] artists. I moved my boat to Barney at TMM and never looked back. Now, I rent instead of own.

My impression of CatCo is that when you place a yacht in their fleet, they have you by the short and curlies and they know it.

I avoid CatCo, have for years. I prefer Moorings, DYC, TMM.