Triple A rental

Posted By: tbaybob

Triple A rental - 04/24/2015 08:31 PM

Just had my first chance to see Alain in action.He is amazing.I had a flat tire and called a 2:30'by 3:25 he made it to Mt Vernon from airport and had changed the tire.Great service. <img src="" alt="" />
Posted By: EdB

Re: Triple A rental - 04/24/2015 08:48 PM

i agree.....the service is GREAT at AAA.
Posted By: ib4ut1

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 12:59 AM

Agree. After less than stellar service from a well-known an well loved agency, we tried Alain and have used him now three times. Couldn't be more satisfied.
Posted By: Cathyg

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 01:19 AM

We have used Alain EVERY trip to SXM...since 2000...and he has NEVER raised our price...he has always been wonderful.
I cannot sing his praises enough!
Posted By: GaKaye

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 12:04 PM

We've had the same experience with Alain. He definitely appreciates loyalty and shows it.
Posted By: dj1094

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 01:31 PM

I used another company for almost ten years which everyone seems to like. I had a parting of ways and have used Alain for the last three years he is great <img src="" alt="" />
Posted By: Dansc

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 02:00 PM

Just returned our car to alaine yesterday, they did a 2second inspection and away we went
Posted By: Coffee

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 02:46 PM

Can you return the AAA car to the airport?
Posted By: EdB

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 03:03 PM

NO..the return though is a hop skip and jump from the airport. As soon as you arrive at the rental place behind the airport, you soon are taken to the airport in the same car! No more than a three minute ride.
Posted By: Carol_Hill

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 03:36 PM

Correct, the rental car return is down off White Sands Road, just down from Sunset Bar and Grill. It's really convenient for us when we stay at Beachside, because it's on the way to the airport. They do leave you in your car, so you don't have to switch the luggage, etc. Unlike the other way down Airport Road, where many of the rental car guys are, there is no traffic to back up, except potentially a minute or two by Sunset.
Posted By: Coffee

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 04:02 PM

Thanks a bunch! Called them last year and they said it would be OK. No one there to meet me so left it in parking lot with keys locked inside it and called them. Made me a bit concerned but they did get it. I will return to rental area next year. Great car and great people.
Posted By: arink

Re: Triple A rental - 04/25/2015 04:35 PM

We just returned our car to Alain 2 days ago. He was wonderful, great service and very accommodating. He met us at our rental the morning after we arrived so we wouldn't have to drive in the dark after our 8:30 pm flight got in. He even met us at 5am to pick up the car and take us to the airport. A super nice guy and very knowledgeable about the island. Will definitely use him again.
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