divi post and reaction

Posted By: Dansc

divi post and reaction - 09/12/2017 01:17 AM

this might be why i dont come on here much anymore. this was verified info but you "know betters" decide what you want to know. By the way. they have now allowed staff that worked the hurricane to stay one more week. no thanks to you.
Posted By: jazzgal

Re: divi post and reaction - 09/12/2017 02:35 AM

I agree the closing of the prior thread was hasty.

As to why the restaurant didn't show damage: Divi has stated (perhaps even in one of the letters posted on this site) that that building is very strong. It houses the registration, restaurant, managers' offices, convention facilities. That is why Divi invited all the guests to come to that building during Irma, where Divi set up cots. (I know this because I saw pictures on Facebook of the cots.) While there was some flooding in that building, it didn't suffer that much damage. And overall, Divi doesn't appear to have suffered as much damage as other areas of the island; this again is confirmed by several videos I have seen on Facebook.
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Re: divi post and reaction - 09/12/2017 03:01 AM

Maybe those on the ground can help provide actual experiences and photos, and share them without all of our conjecture and criticisms.
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Re: divi post and reaction - 09/12/2017 03:40 AM

The thing is: that's happening on Facebook. At some point, it's just too tedious to try to copy everything we see and read on FB into this forum. But if we don't, we're criticized for spreading unsubstantiated rumors.
Posted By: ruralcarrier

Re: divi post and reaction - 09/12/2017 09:48 AM

Your choice as to whether you come on here anymore or not. I simply asked for further verification as YOU implied Divi kicked people out and then you implied the Military kicked people out. Which was it?

Not everything posted by members on facebook is 100% accurate just like not everything posted on TTOL by members is 100% accurate.

There were multiple instances of inaccurate information posted just after the hurricane. We want to be as accurate as possible with all information on here.
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