Cupecoy Beach area

Posted By: candj

Cupecoy Beach area - 06/28/2018 12:47 PM

There was an article in the Daily Herald about the potential hazards on Cupecoy Beach caused from debris of the old Ocean Club. Is there debris and hazards on the beach from the destroyed buildings?
Posted By: pat

Re: Cupecoy Beach area - 06/28/2018 01:10 PM

Hoping the government will act fast on this one but why am I feeling doubtful?

Isn’t there some way the government could seize the property and clear the debris until the current owners and insurance company resolve the financial issues and repay them for the clearing?
Posted By: BillandElaine

Re: Cupecoy Beach area - 06/28/2018 01:22 PM

Been swimming at Cupecoy Beaches since November. No debris on the parts we've been at. The area in front of Ocean Club is not always accessible so may be problems there, although I've not heard of any.

I believe the potential hazards mentioned in the article are about future hazard if another storm should strike. There are many tons of debris just laying around that needs to be cleared away quickly. Sadly, it's a big problem many places.
Posted By: Carol_Hill

Re: Cupecoy Beach area - 06/28/2018 01:31 PM

The above I believe was a letter to the editor, not an article. However, the owner of the Ocean Club announced several months ago the resort was going to be demolished.

See story posted here on TTOL

Wonder why he hasn't done it yet??
Posted By: pat

Re: Cupecoy Beach area - 06/28/2018 01:38 PM

Reading the original post, My thought was all that loose debris could be deadly, God forbid, if another hurricane were to strike the island before it was removed.
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