Solution for the dump?

Posted By: Carol_Hill

Solution for the dump? - 10/27/2018 01:09 PM

Daily Herald story

Seems too good to be true, to me, but what do I know?
Posted By: ruralcarrier

Re: Solution for the dump? - 10/27/2018 02:05 PM

I am with you and you know what they say about things that sound too good to be true.

BTW, did you notice the mention about it will be a "tourism booster"? I am sure it will be a top tourist spot, touring the dump and power plant!
Posted By: Maria_and_Steve

Re: Solution for the dump? - 10/27/2018 02:37 PM

One of the problems with waste to energy plants is the pollution generated by burning waste material: CO2, CO, sulphur, and nitrogen oxide are just some of the pollutants released into the air.

These types of plants are usually located in remote industrial areas because of those pollution issues. The carbon footprint for a waste to energy plant is enormous, unfortunately.

The cost of waste to energy plants is more than cheaper natural gas powered plants, IF a natural gas power plant can be used on SXM. I would question the presentation given to government by EnviroPower.

The technology needs to be looked at very carefully before committing to an apparent panacea for the dump problems.

Here is one reference:
Posted By: Bluesfan

Re: Solution for the dump? - 10/27/2018 02:47 PM

which is the lesser of two evils? A trash to energy plant or just a burning dump? At least the trash would be reduced. There is no perfect solution.
Posted By: Bahston

Re: Solution for the dump? - 10/27/2018 05:13 PM

My recollection is that waste-to-energy was preciously discussed, and that GEBE nixed the deal based on the cost/kWH to them. I don’t recall what the cost was, or how it compares to the $0.25/kWH mentioned in the article. Perhaps someone local could comment on what GEBE charges its customers per kWH.
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