Posted By: Docmont

Euros? - 02/14/2020 03:44 PM

We have some Euros left from a recent trip, was wondering if it’s possible to use them on Dutch side?
Posted By: SXMScubaman

Re: Euros? - 02/14/2020 04:04 PM

Yes but better off on the French side.
Posted By: BillandElaine

Re: Euros? - 02/14/2020 06:07 PM

Yes, they'll take them but it's 1:1
Posted By: SammyM

Re: Euros? - 02/14/2020 07:22 PM

Or keep them and when you get home put them away for your next St. Martin visit. Another option is taking the Great Bay Express over to St. Bart's for the day from Philipsburg if you're looking for something to do and have the time; they'll gladly take them (and more) over there.
Posted By: EdB

Re: Euros? - 02/15/2020 05:00 PM

I don't get it. I have been a visitor for over thirty years......and have NEVER EVEN ONCE had a Euro on my person. There is NO PLACE or no one on the island that will not take a good old...American Greenback. Same goes with a guilder too.
Posted By: boucharda

Re: Euros? - 02/15/2020 07:22 PM

Same here. The only time that I have had Euro in SXM is when I got some for an upcoming trip to France......never used in SXM....
Posted By: SammyM

Re: Euros? - 02/15/2020 07:25 PM

I agree Ed, to a degree. But, sometimes in the past certain restaurants on the french side carried a dollor-to-euro exchange rate that was more favorable for paying with euros. Of course, you could simply use a credit card as long as your credit card did not apply a foreign exchange fee. One dining experience that I can recall our dinner bill was something like 90 euros, but when I paid in USD it came to $106 as I recall. At that rate they were only giving .85 euros for each U.S. dollar and the fair rate was roughly .91. So the U.S. currency conversion should have bee approximately $99. It was a small amount that almost isn't worth mentioning, but over time if every restaurant on French St. Martin did this it would add up.

Today, with the dollar/euro exchange rate trending the dollar upward, it may be a smart move to have some euros on you if you dine at a place where this situation exists. The thing to watch for is any place that really 'jacks up' the exchange rate beyond logical limits, so always wise to ask before you dine.
Posted By: EdB

Re: Euros? - 02/16/2020 12:52 AM

As I mentioned.....i have never used a Euro in over thirty years of visiting....with the last ten being three week intervals. We eat out every meal...and never felt once that we should have used a Euro instead of a buck. If a dollar or two makes a difference in going to a certain restaurant...then make the decision....but have been to many many many many restaurants on the island, and felt i was ''ripped off'' because i used what is always in my wallet. smile What's in your wallet?? smile
Posted By: SammyM

Re: Euros? - 02/16/2020 03:41 AM

My VISA card through Capital One with 'zero' foreign transaction fees! Love it and will use it on SXM next month.
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