BVI vs Grenadines

Posted By: jredenbaugh

BVI vs Grenadines - 03/16/2019 01:21 PM

We have done bareboat power cats 2x in the BVIs. We love it. I am just searching around to see if we should try something new. Can anyone that has done both give me some pros and cons, tips, or suggestions? I am sure either is a can’t lose. #firstworldproblems
Posted By: Sailbum

Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 03/16/2019 02:30 PM

After doing the BVIs several times, we did a St. Lucia to Grenada one way through the Grenadines last year. I highly recommend it. We had a sailing cat, not power, so you will have more flexibility - starting and ending in Grenada or St. Lucia depending upon the best travel and boat choices.

There are several great places to explore, Bequia, Tobago Keys, Salt Whistle Bay, Union Island, and more. It is not as developed or as touristy as the BVI - which I think is great, but others may miss some of the modern conveniences of the BVI. Restaurants, for example, are definitely more 'rustic' - your menu choices are in most cases limited to chicken, fish or lambi (conch) with rice and vegetables. Of course, you can always go to Mustique for some finer dining. The trade off is relatively fewer other boats, though some anchorages, like the Tobago Keys will still have plenty of other boats. Depending upon season, you should have no trouble finding anchorages with 1 or 2 other boats if any. Moorings are sometimes available, but much more limited - you will anchor more.

You may also want to look into the Exumas. We went this past November and loved it. Again, more remote than the BVI, and although the restaurants are few and far between, they are far more upscale dining experiences available (than the Grenadines) due to the frequent high end clientele around the Exumas.

Like you said, you can't lose.
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Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 03/16/2019 03:45 PM

Thank you for the feed back. We will look into the Exumas also. Fun to explore!
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Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 03/16/2019 06:31 PM

And maybe while you are at it, check out the Abaco islands in the Bahamas for great boating to cute islands and friendly people

But to your original question, the Grenadines are beautiful but the distances between islands are greater than the BVIs. There are spots in the Grenadines that are getting more popular (eg Bequia) which means more choice of bars and restaurants.

You have a lot to think about!
Posted By: jredenbaugh

Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 03/17/2019 11:44 PM

Do you have to go through customs at every island? Grenada, Carriacou, etc? How long does this process take? Which islands is it required?
Posted By: rhans

Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 03/18/2019 09:04 PM

Originally Posted by jredenbaugh
Do you have to go through customs at every island? Grenada, Carriacou, etc? How long does this process take? Which islands is it required?

Carriacou is part of Grenada. No C&I. Clear out Grenadian waters and then in at Union. From there north to St Vincent you're set. Going south Rinse/ repeat.

As far as time goes that has a lot to do with how YOU present yourself.
Posted By: UncleLuff

Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 03/19/2019 08:07 PM

Sailbum pretty much summed it up. From my limited experience with Grenada (will have more insight into Grenadines in 6-7 weeks!) . I would add, I am not sure how prevalent power cats are in the windwards, a lot of them in the BVIs. Also wind gusts especially going around the north and south tips of the islands will be more variable, greater currents and swells. All in All a more challenging sailing grounds but much more fun! banana
Posted By: Maria_and_Steve

Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 04/01/2019 01:51 PM

We saw a power cat in Bequia 2 nights ago. As it drug through the anchorage, hitting two anchored sailboats, we wondered how well it motored in the more significant trade winds and higher seas down here? The charterers left before we could ask them smile
Posted By: sunman60

Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 02/17/2020 06:11 PM

the biggest difference between the BVI's & the Grenadine area is the swell, you're pretty well protected in the BVI but the Grenadines are unprotected & therefore open water which can bring big(ish) swells, if 2-3m swells don't freak you or your crew out head toe The Grenadines, the sailing area, anchorages, restaurants etc are fantastic!
Posted By: Sunnykm

Re: BVI vs Grenadines - 03/04/2020 02:33 AM

Just saw this thread...heading to St Lucia in May for a southern sail. Only BVI experience, so a little anxious about the long open water sail out of St Lucia. We have our favorite captained hired to sail this trip which is great and a huge relief.
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