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BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 01:31 PM

I am shocked and saddened by the recent news that Denis passed away in his sleep on Monday night. Denis was a big contributor on TTOL in the past and I thought some of you may want to know who aren't on Facebook.

We will miss him dearly. Condolences to Michele and his children.
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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 01:49 PM

Condolences to the family. I had met Denis many times and talked to him many times while on the island.
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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 01:53 PM

Thank you for posting this, Louise.

Condolences to his family. R. I. P., Denis.


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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 03:01 PM

We are so sad. Thankfully we were able to spend a little quality time with Denis in November photographing jets and bikinis and at the Red Piano. Rock on Denis.
Stacie & Patrick
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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 03:14 PM

A photo tribute in memory of Denis.
[Linked Image]
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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 04:48 PM

Such sad news. Rest in peace Denis.
Posted By: Carol_Hill

Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 05:31 PM

Sorry to hear that. Denis was a character, for sure. Condolences to Michelle and the family.
Posted By: phillygirl7

Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 05:44 PM

Those pictures really show his character, fun times indeed. So sorry to his family, he will be missed a lot.

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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 08:44 PM

This indeed is very sad news. Heaven has received some very good men recently and all will be greatly missed. Sincere condolences to Michelle and the entire family at this most difficult time.
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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 10:05 PM

I just was at the Yacht Club talking to him at breakfast about five days ago. That is a shock.
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Re: BIGDENX - 02/02/2017 11:43 PM

Wow, I guess that was a shock.
Posted By: islandgem

Re: BIGDENX - 02/03/2017 12:10 AM

We can be fine today and gone tomorrow! When your number is called, you can go very quickly. Cherish each day as if it was your last, as we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Thankfully Denis enjoyed each day and touched many lives with his photography. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted By: LBI2SXM

Re: BIGDENX - 02/03/2017 02:24 AM

How right you are. As you grow older you take many things for granted, as you stated we are not guaranteed tomorrow. We have to remember that.
Posted By: BeaconHillAndrea

Re: BIGDENX - 02/04/2017 06:18 AM

I will miss him so very much. From the AOL SXM chat room of many years ago, to TTOL, to IRL in SXM and his visits here in Chicago, I have a head full of memories of my time with Denis. And, thankfully, many, many, many pictures. His love for Michele was unmatched. He truly lived life to the fullest. SXM will never be the same for me without him there.
Posted By: Kennys

Re: BIGDENX - 02/04/2017 11:37 AM

Was shocked to hear this too. Deepest condolences to his Wife and family.
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