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Posted By: jamaicamecrazy

Newbie Question! - 02/01/2015 06:36 PM

We are new to social nudism. We have been to several nude beaches and have been nude at home for many years. However we are visiting Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico this spring. We would like to participate in some of the evening events such as the glow party or lingerie night. Short of going without clothing, what is the appropriate dress for men? For lingerie night, it's easy for the women but what are some good ideas for men? We are struggling for what he should wear. A sexy dress for her but what for him? Any suggestions will be appreciated, especially from folks that have visited Hidden Beach! Thanks!
Posted By: rockhill

Re: Newbie Question! - 02/01/2015 07:10 PM

Wear what you want to wear. Understand that Hidden Beach, while providing outstanding customer service, is not great at carrying through on scheduled activities. While most of the staff has been in place a long time there has been a high turnover in activity directors. Go enjoy a nice resort, just don't worry too much about what, or what not, to wear.
Posted By: Eric_Hill

Re: Newbie Question! - 02/01/2015 07:51 PM

This may sound simple, but maybe not. Ask your spouse, this is about what SHE wants, has no business what anybody else wants!

Maybe it is wearing a thong, maybe is is wearing a silk robe, who knows. Maybe it might be something that you have no idea about. It is your spouse, it is not what is about anybody else want or expects.

Could say a lot more, but the above is a good start.
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Re: Newbie Question (Hidden Beach)! - 02/03/2015 03:19 PM

I'll agree with the other two posters- it really, absolutely doesn't matter, except between you and your spouse. Before our first time, I was really concerned about what/ how much to wear to breakfast. It turned out to be a complete non-issue; absolutely no one cares one way or the other, and the whole range is represented.

Nights are similar, even with the themes. Don't get your expectations up too high about nighttime. Maybe things have changed recently, but at least last year, the crowd was usually small, and less than half participated in the theme. Most men were dressed, but not all. Some dressed nicely, some dressed up, some dressed down.

Have fun! Hidden Beach is a really first-class resort, with some of the best staff anywhere.
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Re: Newbie Question! - 02/04/2015 11:05 AM

We don't bring much more than sarongs; however, you can check out 'club' wear and get item ideas. Guys mostly wear sarongs, silky pants/shorts, slacks/shirts, or just nothing. We found that many dress for dinner and going to the Lounge, like at Paradise Lakes and Caliente in Florida. We're full time nudists and when dining at Hidden Beach felt somewhat out of place at dinner in 'au natural' attire. You can always take a tie or bow tie to dress up... Enjoy the great food, service, and environment. Pool volleyball is a great way to meet so many folks and keep active during the day.
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Re: Newbie Question! - 02/06/2015 02:58 AM

Thanks for the suggestions! We are currently shopping the "club wear" websites for ideas.

Looking forward to the pool volleyball, sounds like a lot of fun smile
Posted By: Don

Re: Newbie Question! - 02/13/2015 09:14 PM

2 4 sxmbeaches

When you say many dress for dinner, what were they wearing?
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