Looking for a day trip idea from VG

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Looking for a day trip idea from VG - 01/30/2019 12:40 AM

We are a group of 8 who will charter a boat with captain for a day from Virgin Gorda. (Late March). Rather than do the more “popular” spots, I’m trying to come up with a different kind of day. Gorgeous beaches but still would want the occasional beach bar. For instance - we have loved marina cay in the past and would love to go again. What I’m thinking is more off-the-beaten path places like that rather than the caves, Indians, willie T. Are there secret paradises that I’m missing over in that area? I’ve only been once so I’m sure there must be gems I don’t know if. (Otherwise I’m sure we would be happy at Cooper , WillieT , etc. )
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Re: Looking for a day trip idea from VG - 01/30/2019 12:51 AM

Have you done the Bubbly Pool on Jost? If not I'll bet your Captain could take you over to Foxy's Taboo restaurant and bar and tell you how to get there. Ummm...bubbles...
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Re: Looking for a day trip idea from VG - 01/30/2019 02:53 AM

Sounds like you're ready to explore the north side of the islands, though it's unclear how much party time you're looking for.

Assuming seas are relatively settled with only moderate 10-15 kt winds, I would head towards Jost Van Dyke. First stop could be Sandy Cay (35~40 minutes from VGYH if you're doing 25 kts). Relatively few day visitors with a nice beach and there is a 30 minute hiking trail around the island (don't think it's been entirely cleared yet since Irma, but passible). Next onto Diamond Cay (5 minutes) with the hike to the Bubbly Pool and/or to the very rustic B-Line beach bar at nearby Little Jost Van Dyke for drinks and a game of corn hole.

From there, might as well make the 10 minute run to White Bay, JVD to visit Soggy Dollar Bar, Hendo's Hideout, and Ivan's for drinks and lunch. On the return, you can make the obligatory stop at Foxy's Bar in Great Harbour, JVD and then Sydney's Peace and Love in Little Harbour, JVD to give Strawberry a hug and see how their recovery is going. From there's it about 30 minutes back to Guana Island.

You can go to the high tide line at Guana Island (basically stay below the vegetation line where they also happen to have a No Trespassing sign, and to the right of the beach club). The beach is very nice and worth a stop, but I don't think it's any better than Savannah Bay, VG if you're land-based at VG.

If you're into snorkeling, you could stop at the nearby Monkey Point as long as the seas are settled, otherwise the visibility gets very murky. Again, if you're into snorkeling, you could ask your captain to stop at The Chimney's at Great Dog island on the return to VG for snorkeling that rivals The Indians.
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Re: Looking for a day trip idea from VG - 01/30/2019 03:07 AM

head up to Anegada. It has everything you described. It is not to be missed!!
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Re: Looking for a day trip idea from VG - 01/30/2019 03:20 AM

Thank you for the responses!! We are starting in Anegada then land based at savannah bay for a week. We are doing the Necker Tour with Gumption one morning. . I thought about Oil Nut Bay But also worry I might overschedule the group. (Four fun couples) Virgin Gorda has so much to offer and there are definitely beaches I’ve never been to right on island. Maybe Jost is the way to go for our day trip I think I just like thinking about it all the time. Makes me happy while stuck in New England winter. Though... we DO have that Patriots Super Bowl win to look forward to!!! 🏈
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Re: Looking for a day trip idea from VG - 01/31/2019 03:12 AM

Great info... my crew is coming down in two weeks and will be based on Apple Bay with access to a 30 ft power boat for several days... Any other good off the beat , fun places to explore? Looking for more good snorkeling spots away from the charter boat tour itimaries. We did that several years ago and had a blast... just looking for something new this time around. Thank you in advance for any help,
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