VG Yacht Harbor

Posted By: captaugie

VG Yacht Harbor - 05/19/2019 12:47 PM

I have not been there since the hurricanes. Are they back up and running and accepting transient boats? Do they still have the shower facilities there?
Posted By: Manpot

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/19/2019 02:58 PM

Arndt "Zanshin" was just there. He e mailed me and said it was still a mess..hopefully he'll chime in here for you with details..
Posted By: Zanshin

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/19/2019 04:01 PM

Hello Captaugie,

I was there the day before yesterday to clear in. The old marina building is still closed but is being repaired, the building where the supermarket was is no longer there. All in all pretty much everything is closed around the marina, but the area between the docks and the ferry terminal where the cricket pitch used to be is now part of the yard and they have a humongous crane there that is by far the biggest I've seen in the Caribbean.

There are no showers and while there were docks that looked perfectly in order, there were no boats there. The only building open for business is the fuel dock and the chandlery/yard office. I didn't walk the roads to see if any of the old restaurants were open for business.

All in all I would prefer to go to another location - perhaps Leverick Bay if you want to remain on Virgin Gorda but want dockage.
Posted By: Maria_and_Steve

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/19/2019 04:30 PM

Wow, the marina is still that bad? Geeze. Too bad the owners can't seem to figure out how to repair things to attract potential customers. Such a shame.

I think the largest travel lift is at Clarke's Court in Grenada. They used to call it the Hulk, since it was painted green, until the TV producers for the TV show in Hollywood objected to the name. smile
Posted By: mcevog

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/19/2019 05:46 PM

Anyone know if the marina docks have any shore power, if you were to want to stay overnight for any reason?
Posted By: Zanshin

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/19/2019 08:22 PM

I saw shore power stations on the docks that were new, but can't answer if they have power. An e-mail to the marina or to the dive operation (they have a shack and container and are open for business) should get you an answer if nobody here can conclusively answer your question.
Posted By: bailau

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/19/2019 08:42 PM

They had shore power and showers in February...overnighted there

Showers are to the right behind dive shop and the next building behind it...

they were slow to respond...
Posted By: Kegoangoango

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/20/2019 02:37 PM

We over nighted there in Dec and they had some spots with power and showers. However, the showers were rough and not up to the pre-Irma shower standards.
Posted By: potcake

Re: VG Yacht Harbor - 05/24/2019 01:47 PM

The yacht harbor is still being used by the Dive BVI boats and the Anegada Express, when it’s running, we tried going twice this week but they had mechanical issues. frown
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