Lagoon 42 Watermaker Issues?

Posted By: BreckSailor

Lagoon 42 Watermaker Issues? - 02/13/2020 09:26 PM

Hello. Just curious if anyone has chartered a Lagoon 42 with watermaker recently? It turns out that they are infamously problematic and I'm wondering if anyone has had any recent (last 2 years) experiences. I'm asking here but not chartering in the BVIs but rather in another location where water isn't as easily available (if watermaker doesn't work). Doesn't really have perfect relevance to my situation but its worth asking nonetheless.

Here's why its important that the watermaker work - these boats come with half the holding tank capacity of normal L42s. So, if your watermaker isn't working, then refilling is more important. And, well, if water is much further apart, then its even more challenging.

Posted By: Deepcut

Re: Lagoon 42 Watermaker Issues? - 02/14/2020 03:15 AM

Watermakers are not all created equally. Various Lagoon 42's have different models.

There was issues with factory installed water makers from what I have read on other sites.

And you are incorrect regarding not having 2nd water tank if watermaker present.

Sea Tiger has a Spectra Newport 400 watermaker which is highly regarded and has not had any issues (Installed post factory). Sea Tiger has second water tank for total 150 plus gallons.

I know of several 42s with extra water tanks (TMM Fleet).

BreckSailor... Pick your boat carefully and day one, ensure watermaker is working correctly.
Posted By: CaptainJay

Re: Lagoon 42 Watermaker Issues? - 02/14/2020 11:47 AM

The factory watermaker on Lagoon is a Desalator Duo, dual voltage. They are the worst watermakers that I have had the pleasure of working on. We disable the 110-volt motor. It has to much torque, is mishandled by inexperienced operators. When the pressure is brought up to quickly destroys the clutches and belts. If the boat your chartering only has one tank that is because it was ordered without the extra tank. The water maker and spare tank are not mutually exclusive. The 42 in our fleet also has an aftermarket watermaker. This was done based on our experience with previous boats.
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