BVI to St John

Posted By: RebeccaTN

BVI to St John - 03/13/2020 10:12 PM

We just booked our first bareboat charter for November (yay!) and I'm trying to find out what the rules are for travelling between BVI and St John. It's Thanksgiving week and there is a possibility that we will have family on St John who we might like to go meet on a beach and/or possibly pick up for a day on the water in the USVI, assuming our charter would allow. Could someone fill me in on the process and fees for traveling from BVI to St John and back?

Posted By: GeorgeC1

Re: BVI to St John - 03/13/2020 10:22 PM

The easiest thing if this is your first charter is to have them jump on the ferry to West End in the BVI. Pick them up and run them over to Jost for the day.
Posted By: henryv

Re: BVI to St John - 03/13/2020 10:38 PM

You will need to check out of the BVI's and then check in with US. The easiest check out point is Great Harbour JVD. You will need to check in with Us customs in Cruz Bay. You can check in and out at the same time with US but you will need to check back in with BVI.
Posted By: RebeccaTN

Re: BVI to St John - 03/14/2020 03:49 PM

Thanks for the info. Do we have to pay the same fees again when we check back in with BVI?

GeoregC1 - that's a good idea. Will definitely consider that as an option.
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