picking up crew

Posted By: ugo

picking up crew - 09/11/2019 01:39 AM

Is there any place along the coast of St. Thomas where we could pick up crew besides Red Hook,
a marina, dock, something?
We'd like to pick them up and get back to check them into BVI before customs closes.
Posted By: sail445

Re: picking up crew - 09/11/2019 06:46 AM

You could try Sapphire near Red Hook or grab a mooring ball near Caneel in St John and have them take the ferry over
Posted By: ugo

Re: picking up crew - 09/11/2019 12:29 PM

Hmmm. If we grabbed a mooring ball at Caneel and spent the night there, would we have to check into U.S. customs?
I know we would if we went ashore, but what about if we just dinghied in to pick them up and never got out of the dinghy?
Posted By: FLJim

Re: picking up crew - 09/11/2019 01:34 PM

Don't even think about picking someone up without clearing in yourself first. That would be a major-league violation. If you don't want to clear into US, have your guest take the ferry to BVI.
Posted By: sail445

Re: picking up crew - 09/11/2019 02:32 PM

It’s a simple thing to check into US Customs, just bring everyone aboard with you. Then spend your time in town till your crew arrives.
You don’t have to check out of the USVi if your charter boat is under a US flag
Posted By: LocalSailor

Re: picking up crew - 09/11/2019 02:52 PM

If you are coming from the BVI to pick up crew in the USVI:
Clear OUT of the BVI at C&I 1st.
Unless they are arriving in STT on a morning flight it will be mid to late afternoon before they are aboard, rushing back to the BVI is uneccesary - an overnight in STJ is not an unpleasant option for you and the new crew. Yes, you will have to clear in at STJ, even if you are picking up in STT somewhere.
An overnight in Christmas Cove, dinghy pick up at the STYC is an option for that plan.
The Caneel Bay mooring, clearing in by Dinghy at Cruz Bay, crew taking a taxi and ferry to STJ and either staying there or moving up to Maho, Francis or Leinster Bay for an overnight NPS mooring is a peaceful, less stressful welcome aboard night for new crew.
Clear into the BVI the next morning at west End or JVD, save some $$, and enjoy a quiet anchorage in STJ.
Posted By: ugo

Re: picking up crew - 09/13/2019 01:36 PM

I sort of remember that you have several days to actually leave the BVI after you clear out of in, we clear out on a Monday but don't actually leave until Wednesday. . Is that correct or am I confusing it with something else?
Posted By: sail445

Re: picking up crew - 09/13/2019 02:18 PM

I’m pretty sure you only have 12 hours to leave after checking out unless they changed it.
Posted By: jagmansr

Re: picking up crew - 09/14/2019 03:04 PM

I've checked out of the BVI at Great Harbor around 2 PM numerous times and informed them at that time we were leaving in the morning BEFORE customs opens in the morning. They have never had a problem with that and that time frame is around 16 hours or more.
Posted By: sail445

Re: picking up crew - 09/14/2019 03:28 PM

I would still check if it’s written in the law otherwise you could be supporting the Bar association.
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