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TRIP REPORT WEEK 5 - 04/04/2021 01:04 PM

We had to try new restaurants this trip after losing Skipjacks. I hesitate to report my opinion since others think these are two of the best spots on the island. This is just my just my take and I'm not trying to start an argument. First up is Emilio's..
I'll sum this up in 2 words TOURIST TRAP. The food wasn't bad but in no way lived up to the chef's reputation. The prices were way out of line with the quality of the food. The worst part was the table service. The idiot who waited on us didn't know his a$$ from first base. I don't think he had any experience at all on how to do it. The place wasn't crowded by any means but he would disappear for long periods of time, but he must of ask us 4 times if everything was OK...WHILE WE ATE OUR SALADS. The service did not live up to the price.

The second spot is Vesna's Taverno. We ate there the first time and it was a good experience so we made a reservation for the following week and asked for the same table outside. The table was in an area all to itself which was a little unusual but different. The staff was the same on the second trip. It took 20 minutes to get our cocktails. Then we were left totally unattended for at least 20 menus , no silverware, no napkins. We just wanted to order an appetizer. We finished our drinks and I had to get up and find out how much we owed because we were leaving. The waitress said $20. I said $20 for 2 drinks(both of them were the bar vodka)??? She said OK, $18. We were off like a prom dress.
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Re: TRIP REPORT WEEK 5 - 04/04/2021 01:17 PM

We have never been to Vesna's Taverna, so don't have any opinion on that. As far as Emilio's, we went there once, when Dino was still there, and we weren't that impressed then either. Since he has gone, I doubt we will be back.
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Re: TRIP REPORT WEEK 5 - 04/04/2021 02:08 PM

Nothing wrong at all with sharing your experience. I have not been to either so any information is welcome.
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Re: TRIP REPORT WEEK 5 - 04/04/2021 03:03 PM

Have not been to Emillios but have been to Vesna Taverna a couple of time and both were with great food and service. Not doubting your experience but it could have been a bad day as your first time was good.
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Re: TRIP REPORT WEEK 5 - 04/04/2021 03:31 PM

I have heard that several times about Emilios. Too many great places to eat to risk their " bad day" at a big price.
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Re: TRIP REPORT WEEK 5 - 04/04/2021 04:02 PM

We haven't been to Emilios,

but we have been to Vesna Taverna several times.

We loved everything about it! We talked another couple into going there, before it was well
known, and they are big fans of it now.

We have 2 popular places that we would never go to again, so I do understand.
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Re: TRIP REPORT WEEK 5 - 04/04/2021 07:48 PM

Thanks for sharing those dining experiences. We have not been to either, but doubtful we would go to Emilio's.

Lurker, we as others have as well, been to a couple very popular restaurants that didn't meet expectations. One i would consider trying again and another probably not.
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