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Posted By: The_Lurker

Mobile Passport - 11/21/2021 05:06 PM

Has anyone used Mobile Passport.
Returning to JFK, we didn't see a line for it, so we went into Global Entry, as they have been combined before.

We didn't stop at the GE machines, because we weren't sure what to do.
Luckily the guard let us right through, but we didn't learn anything.

I looked it up, and it said there should be a special line---and sometimes it is hidden. We have been using MP for years.

No one got stopped at Passport Control.
Posted By: kim

Re: Mobile Passport - 11/22/2021 01:12 PM

Mobile Passport at T5 (JetBlue) is the same line as Global Entry. MP at T4 (delta) can be a crap shoot. Haven’t flown AA in ages so not sure what the situation is with them or what terminal they come in. We had used MP for years and it was awesome at T5. But we got caught up in a mess at T4 and that’s when we decided to go with GLobal Entry. We have CLEAR as well (free with the AMEX). And not impressed. Doubt will renew that.
Posted By: boucharda

Re: Mobile Passport - 11/22/2021 01:57 PM

Used Global Entry a couple of weeks ago in Aruba. Now using facial recognition,,,,no fingerprints, no questions...just a picture which gives a printed receipt. Hand that to the agent and that's that. Only ones at the GE terminals and a decent line backed up at the regular line

Not sure if all GE airports are the same.

Edit: GE fee is reimbursed with my Mastercard
Posted By: Trinigerl

Re: Mobile Passport - 11/22/2021 02:12 PM

We have used Mobile Passport a few times this year. Coming back from SXM to MIA in May there was a designated line right next to the GE line. We also used it in August coming back Madrid to Dallas both GE and Mobile Passport went to the same line.
It’s easy to use and it’s FREE.
Posted By: The_Lurker

Re: Mobile Passport - 11/22/2021 03:30 PM

Thanks everyone---usually no problem, but we were a little confused
this time.
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