Question for the World Sailors

Posted By: TomB

Question for the World Sailors - 01/19/2022 09:31 PM

With the horrifying eruption of the undersea volcano off Tonga, I have not heard or read anywhere of folks that may have been sailing in that area or for that matter a transport, cargo, or military ship being impacted by the explosion.

Seems like an awful big explosion for no one to be missing.
Or are they and I have just not heard about them.
Posted By: Jeannius

Re: Question for the World Sailors - 01/19/2022 10:36 PM

Tom... The main sailing area is about 150 miles north east of the eruption. There are some low lying islands but they are pretty much uninhabited. The island where Sunsail etc are based is Vava'u and that is well sheltered with relatively steep sides to the anchorage. Here's a link to the first day in Tonga from Jean's blog SailingJeannius click newer posts for the rest of our stay.

Couple of google maps screen shots with eruption location below and Jeannius in the distance in the Vava'u anchorage...

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Posted By: TomB

Re: Question for the World Sailors - 01/20/2022 12:10 AM

Thanks Mike!

Will take a close look at the link and pictures.
I still cannot believe there was not a fisherman, island freighter, or a cargo ship some where above the eruption.

hope all is well - still in the UK?
Posted By: Jeannius

Re: Question for the World Sailors - 01/20/2022 11:18 AM

Tonga was locked down really tight (no Covid at all I believe) so, yes, locals might have been out fishing but no leisure sailors. Also it was the middle of the night when the eruption happened so less likely that people were out in very small boats. I've been through a Tsunami while at sea (Galapagos 2010 after major quake in Chile) and because we were in deep water never felt or saw a thing!

Yep, still in the gloomy UK. Had to delay our next trip to Spain until mid-February. Ferry from Portsmouth to Santander then a very pleasant 8 hour drive across the high plain to our house. Go through the Rioja region, past Pamplona, Zaragoza and Valencia.
Posted By: TomB

Re: Question for the World Sailors - 01/20/2022 02:51 PM


Sat down this morning with my coffee and read the blog. Thanks for the link. As for Tonga, it sounds like a pretty remote place, but not far enough away for the insects with a bite to find a home.

Sure wish I was making the drive across Spain with you. Maybe one day.
Those are the parts of Spain I have never been.
And no, I have no interested running with bulls wink

I worked in Portsmouth for a month about 10 years ago. I stayed at the Gunwharf Quays so there was plenty to do in my off hours. Museums, dining, shops, ferries, and the train station to London all were steps away - never a dull moment on that trip.

Stay safe
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