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4 hours ago Trip Report, Week 1, June 8-15, 2018 [by jazzgal]
Friday-Saturday, June 8-9

I flew first class on American; miles just didn’t work out this year so it was cash. Ouch! I paid about double what I remember paying last year. I watched the fares for quite a while and was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to fly this year due to the cost. One day they were lower, so I jumped. The next day they were 50 percent higher!

Route was PDX-DFW with just an hour between flights, then DFW-MIA on a 777 with a luxurious seat. I think this was the most pleasant flight I’ve experienced. It was not possible to get from Portland to SXM in one day, at least on American, so I overnighted at the Miami International Hotel. If you have to stay somewhere, this is about as convenient as it gets.

The flight to SXM on Saturday arrived around 3 PM. Two planes landed about the same time. Luggage retrieval was as efficient as it could be under the nonautomated circumstances. We all crowded against a rope waiting for our luggage to be handed through a window and down a short ramp. The nice attendants usually brought our bags to where we were standing if we yelled when we saw them come down the ramp.

Leisure Car Rental was waiting for me although not in the area where I was told to wait for them. So there were about 15 minutes of disconnect, but it worked out in the end. They drove me to their office just outside the airport where the paperwork was taken care of in short order. All of their fleet were damaged, and it seemed much smaller than it has in the past. Although they have a cement wall around their lot, the destruction came from the tin roof on the building across the street, Jimmy told me. Then it was off to Divi.

While everyone says Simpson Bay has come back quickly, there’s still destruction everywhere you look and it’s just heartbreaking. Plus the island is drier than I’ve ever seen it. It would be tragic if there were a fire in the hills. So the dryness and destruction combined make for some unattractiveness. This is the hill right across Little Bay from Divi where the Chinese construction is supposed to be going in.

[Linked Image]

Check-in seemed to take forever; I think they may have been having some computer problems. My unit isn’t renovated yet so I’m in a room right next to the only pool that’s open, which is also serving as the only restaurant (Seabreeze Pool). There is a lot of noise and zero privacy, but at least I’m here. This is scaffolding outside my unit.

[Linked Image]

After unpacking, another timeshare owner and I went to Roxy’s Corner in the fish market for dinner, where we met Lucinda Frye of SXM Cooks and Jeannie Gee of Shop ‘n Drop Grocery. Roxy’s is run by a former server at Divi who isn’t returning as she’s trying to make a go of her own place, a lifelong dream. The food is “local” cooking and good. Three of the group had prawns, and I had salmon; all were served with a little salad and rice and beans; the rice was especially tasty. It was a very pleasant evening, catching up with Jeannie and Luci. If you want to help a local woman succeed with her own business, please give Roxy’s a try.

Sunday, June 10

This was grocery shopping day at the Carrefour at the roundabout, formerly Le Grande Marche. The new store is laid out completely differently but is quite nice. I was surprised, however, at the many empty shelves in the dairy section. After unpacking the groceries, I headed to Mary’s Boon to meet up with Bill and Elaine as they were leaving the island the next day.

This was another very pleasant afternoon . . . once I got there. Parking was a real problem as both Mary’s Boon and Karakter were quite busy; I had to park several “blocks” away. I sat at the beach bar, which is apparently open only Friday through Monday; the bartender was an absolute hoot. He offers a sample of rum with ginger, which is extremely potent but yummy if you like ginger, as I do. I had a tuna salad while there, which was excellent: barely seared. Lucinda Frye, who also was at Mary’s Boon that afternoon, thinks the food is much better than it has been in the past.

Monday, June 11

I spent the day at Divi on the beach, which was lovely. I will do a separate thread in the future about Divi.

Jeff Jhangiani had invited me to a dinner being organized by Jeannie Gee at the Residence Adam & Eve, a naturist villa in Orient Village. Jeannie discovered it previously while doing a grocery delivery and became acquainted with the manager, a trained chef who also makes Willy’s Ice Cream, who was taking care of the villa while the owners are in France. Jeannie thought it might be nice to throw some business Willy’s way while the villa was not occupied so organized a four-course dinner for a group of nine.

What a lovely evening it was! The food was superb, the villa was lush and lovely, and the company was a delight. Lucinda Frye wrote an article about the evening on her blog at Since she included pictures of the food on her blog, I will include pictures of only the villa here. The menu was as follows:

Aperitif: raspberry kir Royal, marinade of lobster, cucumber and lime with a light cauliflower mousse; starter: tomato and basil gazpacho, celery sorbet and goat cheese ice cream, served with garlic bread; main course: roasted lobster with anis star butter, pumpkin mousseline with ginger and fresh mint; dessert: ice cream and sorbets palette, fresh fruits and crispy coconut. There were six flavors of Willy’s ice cream, creatively served on an escargot plate, truly the “frosting on the cake.” This was one of the nicest evenings I’ve spent on the island.

Part of the swimming pool
[Linked Image]

More swimming pool
[Linked Image]

The group; chef Willy in the orange shirt
[Linked Image]

Interesting dining table
[Linked Image]

Steps down to the “laboratory” where Willy makes his ice cream
[Linked Image]

Living room
[Linked Image]

View through the dining room window
[Linked Image]

Tuesday, June 12

I needed to take care of getting a local phone number. I brought with me both a G2 phone I purchased from Sharon when she went out of business and an unlocked Windows phone I was no longer using. At the UTS store in Cole Bay, I was informed that a Chippie sim card might not work in the Windows phone, and they referred me to a “phone expert” who was located in the tech store at Carrefour. So after purchasing a sim card along with an Internet package, I headed to Tech Hub inside the Carrefour store. They were great! The G2 phone might have worked with Telem but I didn’t want to use Telem. The Chippie sim card did not work with the Windows phone so I purchased a new phone that was on sale for $89; it’s the same one Beach Kitten and Elaine have, as discussed in another thread. They downloaded the apps I wanted, and I was good to go. Impressive service. Apparently Chippie is all out of the cards you use to top up your number, and using the card is the only way you can top up. Unless this changes, it appears that purchasing a new sim card with a new number each trip will be required.

I headed back to Divi to make lunch and spent the afternoon on my deck, where this is my view.

[Linked Image]

I was meeting friends for dinner at Jimbo’s but got there early as I wanted to talk with Mirian, of the former Passaat, who is filling in as general manager while Jimbo is off island. Along with losing their livelihood, Pieter and Mirian lost all their personal belongings, as they lived on the schooner. So very sad. I’m looking forward to going on a couple of sails on their new boat next week.

Wednesday, June 13

I had been told that Bernadine Ali who had the rum stand next to Paradise View restaurant had a stand at the Marigot market so I headed there to find her, without success. I found a vendor who knows who she is and was told she does not have a stand at the market. I understand that she still goes to the area where the rum stand was each morning at 8 a.m. to feed the cats. I’m not sure I’ll be getting up early enough to get over there to see her. I did drive up that little hill the night I went to Adam & Eve, and it was another heartbreaker. The rum stand was completely gone, as was the place where Bernadine lived. The first two stores were still standing, but nothing else in that strip. The restaurant is boarded up.

I spent a very windy afternoon at Friar’s Bay. Although FB Beach Café is open, I went to The Root, formerly Kali’s. The mahi mahi Caesar salad was very good. There was a busload of kids at the beach with teachers and/or instructors. I’m not sure if they were having a swimming lesson or what, but they spent a lot of time in the water.

Friar’s Bay Beach Café
[Linked Image]

Some of the school kids
[Linked Image]

Driving back to Divi, I went through Sandy Ground and stopped at the place where Jean-Pierre Straub had his workshop and studio. That structure was still standing, but there is now a shop that makes windows operating in the space. The man working in that shop didn’t know where Jean-Pierre is. I have several pieces of his marquetry art and wouldn’t mind having more. It was also sad driving by where Dreams used to be as it’s now just flat ground. I also drove up to where The Summit used to be; you can see the swimming pool toward the right between the trees.

[Linked Image]

I also drove up to The Blue Marine complex where I stayed a year ago November and was stunned at the destruction there. The buildings are still standing, but everything is gutted and no one is living there. This is the building I stayed in.

[Linked Image]

After a bite at Bar Code, I returned to Divi where I spent the evening on my deck working on this trip report.

Thursday, June 14

After spending time at the fitness center, which I’ve done daily so far, and having breakfast, I headed to Pinel. The stench of seaweed is overwhelming and most unpleasant.

[Linked Image]

It goes away after getting on the boat; cost is $12 round trip. The owner of the Red Piano was on the boat along with his two adorable sons; his wife teaches at the medical university. He talked about some of the struggles related to Irma and hopes to reinstitute the no-smoking policy if business picks up in October/November.

I initially headed to Karibuni as some have suggested the food is better there. They had a sign to not sit in a lounge chair until a beach boy “installed” you. I waited what I felt was a reasonable amount of time without being assisted so went back to Yellow Beach. I was immediately and pleasantly assisted so spent an incredibly relaxing afternoon there. I had a scallop salad which was delicious. It contained several large, and appropriately cooked, scallops.

On the way back, I drove to LeGalion, where there literally is nothing, including beach.

[Linked Image]

Rum and Peas advertised Thursday as their tapas night. As I wasn’t very hungry, tapas sounded good. Service was quite friendly. I’ve never had oxtail so ordered oxtail spring rolls. They were absolutely delicious!

It seems that more places are now charging a 15 percent service charge, and this was one of the places. I was told 10 percent goes to the server and 5 percent to the house.

Friday, June 15

It was a quiet day at Divi. I spent some time walking around the property, taking pictures, and also spent some time on the beach.

[Linked Image]

Went to Le Moulin Fou for dinner, and it was as good as ever. They were able to reopen in November as their damage wasn’t as significant as surrounding areas. I had a scrumptious goat cheese salad and duck breast entrée. After dinner, I joined friends at The Hole in the Wall in Maho, which has a resident “bar cat,” to hear Bob Barron and Ronny Santana.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

The next eight days will bring four sailing trips. Stay tuned!
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Yesterday at 07:45 PM What's new at Beachside Villas??? [by Carol_Hill]
Thank god, not much!!! clapping BSV looks just as beautiful as before that b*tch Irma came to visit!! clapping The ocean is stunning, St. Barts comes and goes whenever she pleases and she gets permission from Pat! grin

[Linked Image]

The pool is just as lovely.

[Linked Image]

The gazebo gives a lovely view out down the beach and provides much needed shade for whimps like me..

[Linked Image]

"MY" chair looks out over the best view on earth..

[Linked Image]

The kitchen has everything you need to be able to cook meals if you like

[Linked Image]

The atrium--since they enclosed all of them last year and put a/c in the main room--has a dining table inside in the a/c if you choose

[Linked Image]

The living room is comfy as ever

[Linked Image]

as is the bedroom (sorry, forgot to take that picture!)

For long term visitors, you will notice that the vegetation took a big hit, but it is coming back

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

As always, Beachside is therapy for everything that ails you.

[Linked Image]

Life doesn't get better than this..

[Linked Image]

Oh, cr*p! I actually did intend to post the couple of small things that are different... Sorry. Edited to add this...

Marvlyn is gone, Michelle is here now, but all the rest of the staff are here.

Tiny thing, but I personally appreciate it, there is an alarm clock in the bedroom now.

Small thing, but I like it, there are now plastic wine glasses (although again, we bought our own glasses at Super U this time, and will leave them here)

The TV now has the FOOD NETWORK and Cooking Channel clapping Sorry, I know that makes me a geek, but I love it!!! There's HDTV, ESPN, History Channel, TBS, TNT, AMC, Travel Channel, lots of stuff, but NO CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox..

And, as has been posted several times, there is now a real viewing stand for the airport, with nice stairs, seats, and cupholders!!! wave

[Linked Image]
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Yesterday at 07:22 PM Attack of the killer seaweed [by Eric_Hill]
Ok not yellow tomatoes (sorry meant green tomatoes), but seaweed. Started a couple of hours ago.

In front of us, not so bad as of now. But see patches out on the horizon. Down toward ElZafero, they already have close to 2 or 3 feet wide and more coming. Based on current, etc. there is a lot about to hit there.

In front of us not so bad at this point, but time will tell.

Will let you know more later. Not that we can do anything about it regardless. Have to go with the flow or tide in this case! (G)
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Yesterday at 06:18 PM Simpson Bay Resort help [by boucharda]
Just throwing this out there in case there is anyone that will be staying at SBR in the near future. We are going in January but I have heard that the upper B buildings' top floors (4 and 5) are not ready for occupation. If someone is there I would really appreciate any info regarding the progress of those two floors (we are on the 5th)...still plenty of time but just a bit anxious

I tried getting info from SBR a month ago but didn't get a response as to when those floors would be done
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Yesterday at 05:45 PM Anniversary lunch [by Carol_Hill]
Yesterday was our anniversary. Eric wanted to try Marigot for lunch, which turned out to be a very good idea!

We ended up at Tropicana, based on recommendations here in my thread I posted before we left, requesting info for a special lunch. I have to say, this lunch did NOT come anywhere close to the "Best Meal I Ever Had", at Dreams. which would be impossible, but it was very nice and we both enjoyed it very much.

[Linked Image]

We started with a nice Cote de Provence

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

They didn't appear to have a printed menu, at least for lunch, but only the chalkboard menu here. The owner (??) translated anything we didn't understand for us.

[Linked Image]
Note they were giving 1.15 on the Euro, which isn't bad, compared to the real exchange rate. They did accept credit cards. I had to ask, since I spent more than I thought I would at the stalls there in the open market in Marigot.blush

We shared the special appetizer salad, which featured crab, salmon, shrimp and grapefruit.

[Linked Image]
Eric, being much more of a 'fish' person than I am, loved it! I thought it was ok..

On the other hand, I positively LOVED my beef tenderloin with a mushroom sauce!!! OMG!! love

[Linked Image]

I have to say, the presentation wasn't up to real Grand Case standards, but that steak was some of the best I've had in a long time, with that sauce!!!

I ordered French fries (ok, pomme frites!) and Eric had a garlic potatoes side dish that could make me give up French fries forever, in exchange!

[Linked Image]

Eric had a snapper dish, with a crab crust

[Linked Image]

We finished with an OMG GRAND MARNIER SOUFFLE that was OUT of this world!!!

[Linked Image]


The finishing touch was some home made banana vanilla rum

[Linked Image]

What a lovely meal!!!

[Linked Image]

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Yesterday at 03:16 PM Orient beach pictures [by Carol_Hill]
Here are a bunch of pictures we took yesterday of Orient. We did NOT go to Club O side, so no pictures of there yet. I took a bunch more pictures of various places around Orient, but a lot of them, I don't know exactly what they were.

Bikini is going to be BEAUTIFUL. My guess is that they may open just for chairs and the bar relatively soon, but it sure seems like the restaurant is going to be quite a while.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

LaPlaya hotel

[Linked Image]

LaPlaya bar

[Linked Image]

Sad picture of Kontiki remains

[Linked Image]


[Linked Image]

This one looks like it's been repaired, as compared to the first one.
[Linked Image]

Plantation Restaurant, open for business

[Linked Image]

Orient Village--picture taken at 11 am, approximately

[Linked Image]

Petit Casino cry
[Linked Image]

Construction happening where Yellow Sub used to be
[Linked Image]

Bar open on same side of street at Petit Casino, sorry I didn't catch the name.

[Linked Image]

One of the units at Green Cay Village, where we stayed, years ago. cry

[Linked Image]

Bruno's O Paradis, which looks fully open for business.

[Linked Image]
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Yesterday at 01:53 PM BVI2018 Trip Video [by TackingAg]
Offering up our family video to help the next in line get fired up for your trip. Fantastic week, as always. Fourth BVI charter for us, but the first to 1) fly into EIS, 2) make a stop at Scrub, 3) Necker tour with Gumption, 4) Anegada tour with Alex from Anegada Adventures, 5) dinner at Hog Heaven, and 6) hang at Hendo's Hideout. Looking forward to our fifth charter to knock off even more "firsts".

BVI2018 Video
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06/16/2018 11:21 PM Jost Van Dyke [by andreapal51]
I’m trying to plan my winter 2019 trip and wondering what lodging is open on Jost. Also does the ferry run there on weekends?
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06/16/2018 11:02 PM SXM Intervention [by SXMFOX]
Ok Carol and Eric, if we don’t start seeing some pictures, REALLY SOON, we might have to seek counseling! The withdrawals are unbearable! So we might have to seek some sort of legal counseling! LOL!!! Y’all have fun! It is the best place in the entire WORLD! Just joking y’all now!
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06/16/2018 10:37 PM Divi Recovery / Trip Reports [by jazzgal]
I have been here for a week and have my first week's trip report written; however, I'm experiencing some technology issues. Whether it's Divi bandwidth, a lack of understanding of the new TTOL photo process, or something else, I just can't get photos posted. Also, now that Hills are on island, I don't want to compete with them. So my trip reports, as well as photos of Divi to substantiate this post, will have to wait.

Here are my observations of Divi so far.

Divi has made amazing recovery, and work is ongoing on a constant basis. Trucks and workmen everywhere! At the time of my owner update, Buildings H1, H2, H3, A, B, and B1-4 were occupied. Building D is to be opened sometime this week. I snuck a peek at one of the renovated rooms in D; very nice.

Landscaping in the occupied areas has been replanted and looks lovely. The guest parking lot has received new pavers in a U shape for driving on (with both an entrance and exit), but the parking areas on either side of the pavers are still gravel. I’ve never understood why the rental car area is all pavers but not the guest area.

Only five TV stations are currently available: ABC (sometimes), CNN, A&E, and 2 sports channels. Wifi is spotty at best. I usually have to go out on my deck to get service. I’m spoiled as I had excellent reception in my timeshare pre-Irma.

I was told in my owner meeting that no additional hurricane assessments will occur as insurance covered the hurricane damage. Since I was hit with an assessment just before Irma, that was good news.

The only pool that is open is Seabreeze in the center of the property. That is also the only location currently serving food: breakfast, lunch, dinner; oh, and there's some food "to go" from the little deli. The room I am in this year, since my building still hasn’t been renovated, is next door to Seabreeze. Noisy and no privacy; however, it’s better than not being here!

The fitness center is operational. While someone told me it’s all new equipment, I don’t believe it as some of the machines have the same quirks I remember from last June. But it’s a very well-equipped room.

The little café has been renamed New Amsterdam and seems to be open longer hours. Shipwreck Shop is open although not as fully stocked as before. The insect repellent they now sell is Bug Off; they no longer carry mosquito milk. Too bad because Bug Off is medicinal-smelling.

The beach is pretty much restored to how I remember it from last June. Sand may not be quite as silky, but there is plenty of it. The Aqua Mania folks are good about getting umbrellas set up. I have not yet experienced a “towel outage.”

Currently there is only one party: the Manager’s party on Monday. I had another commitment last Monday but will go tomorrow. There is no live music at this time.

The timeshare sales office has relocated, temporarily I assume, next to the guest lounge. Their former office is currently a storage room for furniture.

Overall, the progress here is remarkable, especially compared to other resorts that won’t reopen for some time. Everyone is working very hard to bring it back to its former glory.
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