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Yesterday at 09:53 PM Cote Chic [by blooming]
i am having difficulty getting an email response from Cote Chic for a reservation in January 2025. Any ideas on how to contact them? i have not tried to call because I do not speak French.
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Yesterday at 07:46 PM June 17-18 [by Lancer]
Monday June 17

We had breakfast in our studio. I went down to Good Morning, which sits just below our studio, and bought an egg, ham and cheese quiche and an almond croissant, both to share. As always, pour over coffee over ice. Still not much of a breeze but our balcony was still pleasant.

We are enjoying not doing a lot this trip. We were on the beach last week a lot more than our second week. So time in the A/C of our studio is still feeling like a relaxing vacation. So rather than head right out, we just chilled in our studio for most of the morning.

Our plan is to have pizza at Orange Fever. We walked down around 11:45am and immediately were greeted by William who led us to a couple chairs and an umbrella on the first row. We ordered two Caribs which he brought out in cold bottles with a glass of ice each. Nothing like a cold Carib on Orient Beach with the waves breaking ahead and the rich blue sky above.

We headed up for our pizza around 2:00pm and found a nice table further out from the enclosed restaurant which enabled us to enjoy a breezier experience than if we were inside. JC came out and took our order in a few minutes. I opted for a Diet Coke while my wife ordered a frozen mojito. We ordered a pepperoni pizza which arrived pretty quickly. It was thin with some char. The crust was crispy and a perfect mix of cheese and sauce. She said her mojito wasn’t as good as what we both got at Bikini Beach Bar.

We returned to the beach and went for a swim. We were approached by at least 5 different women offering massages. Some are more high pressure than others, but all will eventually move on when you kindly say you’re not interested with a smile. We do massages from time to time but on the beach is not something either of us would opt for. After laying out for a little longer we went for one last swim for the day, paid our bill at the register, and headed back to shower and prepare for dinner.

We walked around La Place du Village, a very brief walk across the street from our studio, and at first thought we’d have a Guinness and share a burger at McCool’s Irish Pub, but didn’t fancy the ambience there this evening as the seating all seemed cramped together. We strolled out and looked at the menu at Favella and took a table right out in front where there was a little more breeze.

I ordered the lobster bisque and pulled brisket tacos, my wife had ratatouille and the pulled brisket tacos. She joked that they would most probably just dip a lobster in my bisque but I had higher hopes. She was right. There were no pieces of lobster to be found but the bisque was rich in flavor, had a slight bite and was quite creamy. The bisque was accompanied by toasted bread which I added to the bowl of bisque for more texture. It was quite good. My wife loved the ratatouille. We both felt the meat in the tacos was a bit too over cooked so as to be more of a sauce than solid meat. They were on the salty side but overall we enjoyed them. The waiter brought a rum digestif with the check as do most all restaurants we have gone to. This was passion fruit and was very good.

We’re noticing that the restaurants have a noticeable decline in patrons since the weekend and that would be true for tomorrow evening. It is after all, off season.

After dinner we headed back to the studio for the evening, watched some YouTube videos and retired around 11pm.

Tuesday June 18

We enjoyed another home prepared breakfast of egg and cheese on a tortilla, a couple dates and our iced coffee.

We needed to resupply our refrigerator with water and pick up a few other items so we headed down to the Casino market. We’ve probably gone through at least 15 large bottles of water so far. We do use almost a whole bottle when I make pour over coffee so it’s understandable we use so much.

Not much to report of our day. More studio A/C chillaxin.

However, we had our absolutely best dining experience of our vacation, when considering location, food and over all ambience, at Rancho del Sol.

We have passed this restaurant every time we’ve driven to Orient Village but this is the first time we’ve ever had a meal there. We opted for a late lunch and arrive around 2pm. The parking lot at first looked full but we found a spot in front of the building right as we pulled in and I saw an ample amount of parking to the right. The restaurant honestly has never impressed us as we passed by on so many occasions but a couple we had met on the beach at Le String said they had a very good experience.

As you walked into the restaurant and to the right you are greeted with an open area seating deck with an amazing view out toward Orient Bay. It sits high on a hill, so though breezes have been light this week there was a very refreshing breeze coming in the whole time we were there. We were surprised to find peacocks roaming through the seating area and thought that was quite cool. There was also a chicken and when people began feeding bits of salad and bread to the chicken an iguana appeared out of nowhere rushing for the morsels. The iguana usually won out over the chicken but the peacock was having none of that and made some quick swipes at the iguana with its beak before chomping down the food.

We loved the feel of this place and enjoyed looking out at the sky, hills and ocean from the high vantage point. There was quite a bit of storm activity in the distance, so the cloud formations were pretty amazing.

The waitress brought out a table menu of today’s specials and the porcini ravioli with mushroom cream sounded good to share. My wife ordered what they called tuna half cooked with a side of rice and I ordered baked half chicken with potatoes and side salad. I ordered the chicken before I saw the chicken walking around and hoped it wasn’t a friend. We also had a glass of rose which was one of three offered by the glass and sat in between the sweeter and dryer wines. I asked to see the bottle because it was what we like in a rose and wanted to see if I could purchase a couple bottles to take home. It is called Mason Charlotte but I was unable to find it in the Casino market when we got back.

The ravioli was superb and I could have made a meal out of the dish if we hadn’t decided to share. My wife really enjoyed her tuna. My chicken was a bit dry, though it did come with au jus which was very richly deep in flavor. So that helped a lot.

We each ordered another glass of wine and were so enjoying the view, and feeding of the animals, that we decided on desert. I had the coconut flan and decaf cappuccino and my wife had a sundae with coffee ice cream and a decaf cappuccino also. The desserts were very good.

Getting back on the road afterwards is an adventure as traffic to the right is coming around a curve and up the hill as is the traffic to the left. We finally found a break in the stream of vehicles coming by and held on for dear life as we pulled out onto the road.

We did lay down for a bit afterwards but wanted to go down to Bikini Beach Bar for sundowners. My wife had a draft Heineken and I had an Aperol Spritz. There were hardly any people at the bar tonight as compared, again, to this past weekend. We walked down by Yellow Submarine afterwards and then over to La Place du Village to see what was hopping. Both venues were also scarcely populated comparative to the weekend.

It was a very enjoyable day and we’re looking forward to the remainder of our week.

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Yesterday at 01:29 PM Christmas in July [by ligot]
Does anyone know if a Christmas in July itinerary is available anywhere? I've noticed Bitter End has a Thurs July 25 party date on their site so I wondered if there are others like the Bight or Jost that have set party dates for that week. While it's been interesting to watch the PR Navy from a distance over the years, this trip is going to be with Grandkids and we'd really like to avoid them as much as possible.

Luckily we arrive on the docks Wed July 24 so we really only looking at that weekend. Right now thinking Marina Cay Thursday and Anegada Friday in order to avoid their stop and the aftermath in North Sound. But then wondered where they go after that.

Thanks for any info or guidance.
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Yesterday at 10:13 AM Westjet Strike [by OllieEh]
The WestJet mechanics and engineers did not ratify their tentative agreements after 9 months of negotiations. On Monday, WestJet formally applied to the Canadian Industrial Relation Board and the Minister of Labour for a 3rd Party arbitration. In response to the application, the 2 unions issued a strike notification to begin tomorrow (June 20).
WestJet has already began cancelling or consolidating flights while they await word from the Relation Board and Ministry of Labour.
I’m supposed to fly out of Toronto on WestJet on Sunday morning but that is looking like it may not possibly happen now. Ughhhhh.
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Yesterday at 02:33 AM Flights from SJU to EIS [by louismcc]
We're (way early) planning a charter for July 2025. I have Delta miles and am trying to figure out the best way to use them even though I can't book flights for another couple of months. There are 5 of us and I am trying to decide between flying from Houston to SJU or to STT. As best I can tell now, when it is too early to book flights, Delta miles to STT are a lot more than miles to SJU.

We've flown to STT for most of our recent trips but used Cape Air a couple of times from SJU, back when their flights were reasonably priced. Getting pricing on Cape Air or one of the other airlines is easily done but I'm looking for a rough idea of the charter cost for 5 from SJU to EIS and a recommendation for a charter company.
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06/18/2024 02:00 PM We're home [by Carol_Hill]
No problems coming home. We arrived at the airport around 12:45 for a 2:45 flight and were at the gate at about 1:15. The departure area of the airport is very nice, although it seemed small to me. And I swear, I think there are only 3 "A" gates upstairs? There used to be 4. We didn't even go downstairs. There appeared to be only one restroom area upstairs. There were only SIX ladies' stalls and there was a line for the bathroom. We did not really see lines for the food places, although we had brought food for the plane, so didn't pay that much attention. There is one bar upstairs, with ten (!!) seats at the bar, although there is an area there with maybe 15 tables which are, I guess, reserved seating for the bar. Eric took pictures of the various shops, etc., but it still seems very light on food places. Eric said that the bartender said there will be another bar upstairs, but they are waiting for liquor licenses for both it and the business lounge. The business lounge has an "opening soon" sign on it and looks like it will be very nice. I couldn't tell, but it looks like it's a possibility that it will be two stories, as there definitely looked to be a floor above the one which is on the departure level.

We got an email on Sunday asking if we would volunteer to take a bump for a measly $300 travel voucher and we laughed. I assume that flights to Miami are still way way screwed up from the recent deluges. Just for the heck of it, I looked on Sunday to try to book a one way from SXM to Miami for the 17th, and it said the cost was $3000 for a flight that went to Charlotte and then to Miami at midnight.

Thankfully we got a jetway. Our plane was 100% full. No problems in flight. Miami wasn't too bad, except there was a huge wait for the line of wheelchairs to use the elevator to get down to the baggage claim. All in all, 1.5 hours from when our plane landed until we were in our car at Park N Fly. Park N Fly isn't called that anymore, can't remember what the name is now, but they did their usual bang up job.

3.5 hour drive home from Miami, to our happy pups, who were so glad to have us home again.

Meanwhile, back to the daily grind, although we do have a trip coming up to St Croix in August, to look foward to. Overall, a good trip, didn't do much, which was fine. We leave to come back.
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06/18/2024 12:26 PM Jellyfish stings [by wabid]

We are at day 10 at the SBR. Everything has been fantastic and everyone is having a great time.

However, we had an issue with jellyfish.

The kids like swimming in the ocean during sunset, and over the last 10 days they have been stung by jellyfish 3 times. They have been swimming at the main, (Pelican Bay), beach. Everyone is fine. Just a sting and some temporary welts. Staff was made aware but, understandably, there is nothing they really can do. So word to the wise, be aware that the the jellyfish move in at dusk... I guess that may be common sense but we never had an encounter before so I was surprised....
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06/18/2024 12:15 PM Ground Transportation [by masterpiece]
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen ,
We are a group of eight people arriving in St. Martin October 11th . We need a van to transport us from the airport to Esmeralda on Orient Beach and The next day take us to Anse Marcel . Who would be the best , and reliable , company would you recommend ? If you have their contact info that would be great !!

Thanks in advance !!
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06/18/2024 01:47 AM St. Martin Clothing optional day sails [by sunluver]
My wife and I are going down to St. Martin in September and would like to do a day c/o day sail. I having a hard time find someone that offers a c/o day sail.

Any help?
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06/18/2024 12:58 AM Marys Boon [by Beachbum10]
Has anyone stayed Marys Boon Would appreciate any info you could share
Thanks Beachbum10
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