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St. Maarten - St. Martin
14 minutes ago
Bollinger is my choice on that
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
47 minutes ago
Sounds like you are having a terrific vacation along with a birthday! Birthday wishes and enjoy the rest of your vacation. Can 't wait to see your underwater photos, always look forward to them.
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British Virgin Islands
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Ontheboat

I appreciate your perspective. I smiled at your (correct) comment about progress seeming pretty jarring and unnatural. To those that have been going for years, it's the old "like boiling a frog" syndrome. You don't see it on a year-to-year basis, but if you take a break and go back, even with the horrible events like a hurricane, it does bring some things to perspective.

Ilon time is Ilon time. Injecting internet, apps, and online reservation rules just destroys that.

The rules should be simple:

1. First to the ball, gets the ball.
2. Enjoy watching others racing to get to the last ball.
3. Cheer the winner.
4. Invite them for a drink.
5. Put the **** cell phone away. You don't need an app to enjoy the BVI's

I agree with a lot of that. When I head down there my phone goes into airplane mode and I only bring it out to take pictures or keep in touch with friends every couple of days or so. That being said there are so many boats and the demand is high in many of the bays so it sucks to have to leave the water at 1 to find a mooring. BoatyBall makes it easier for the locals to manage their moorings and it provides boaters with a way to stay on the water longer even if it does involve getting your phone out for a couple of minutes. For me that’s worth it, and for others it may not be; just different tastes.

Also, as Christo pointed out yesterday, there’s still plenty of mooring ball entertainment left in the BVI. Cheers
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by Christo
Originally Posted by Maria_and_Steve
This whole BB fiasco is another reason why cruising sailors are avoiding the BVI's like the plague. Besides high C/I fees and an unfriendly government, there is the increased cost of $40 for a mooring, something unheard of before BB in the usual BVI bays (excluding Peter Island of course). So the increased mooring fees are to create an APP, as BB keeps saying??? Geeze, any 16 year old wiz kid can knock that APP out in a hour or so.

There is an easy solution to the BB monopoly and increased mooring fees, just sail in the USVI where the cruisers are now!!! Just sayin' wink

...but how long until the BB plague crosses the border?!

The mooring balls in the USVI are all privately (individually) owned and not for rent unless you’re using a National Park mooring ball which are owned and serviced by the NP.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
Yesterday at 09:42 PM
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
Yesterday at 09:26 PM
New swim platform coming next month or so. New food trailer arrived today. Cederic says will serve more upscale food like Papaguyo did. Not time estimate but soon. Progress.
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 07:25 PM
WBR and Poker Run have always been the same weekend. It's just that until 2016, JVD was never a stop. In '17, we added Taboo as a stop and moved the regatta up by a few weeks to the last weekend in April (more to accommodates boats in Antigua that might be headed up to the Med or East Coast for labour day) . In '18, Taboo was non existent, so Foxy's became the stop and WBR was cancelled for the year as it was still post Irma. This year both Taboo and Foxy's are stops and WBR is back to the Memorial Day weekend. No wooden boats this year, but a handful of local Tortola boats and one from Puerto Rico.
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 06:51 PM
Enough water for a 48ft mono? 6ft and a bit...
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 05:37 PM
St Thomas Taxi

Kevin Campbell
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 05:27 PM
Virgin Islands Channel
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
Yesterday at 02:49 PM
I'm hoping it will open next week while we are still here. I understand it will be owned and operated by SBR.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
Yesterday at 12:57 PM
Finally saw one person in the building Friday afternoon. Not sure what was going on. I drive by several times a day everyday and see no activity.
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 12:34 PM
We agree about Cool Breeze. Great food (breakfast for us) and great staff.
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World Wide Travel
Yesterday at 12:22 PM
Can't imagine producing what you're doing using a 6 inch screen! Wow. Great job! Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story..
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
Yesterday at 01:42 AM
Awesome, we still have our balls and hopefully we I’ll blow them up and join you in the future. Why does my wife always smile when I read Dr J posts to her? Hmmm
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
Yesterday at 12:28 AM
bdeely--thanks. I didn't remember it being a separate item on the bill before..
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
05/24/2019 09:35 PM
I can answer for RI - yes, a elevator to upper floors

RI has two wings - an L shape. Wing "1" is on the street side, "2" is parallel to the Maho hotel next door
The RI web site has room plans for the 1 and 2 bed units

Room # info - the room tells you where the room is
Room 4104 means
4 - 4th floor
1 - street wing
04 - 4th from the elevator

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St. Maarten - St. Martin
05/24/2019 08:16 PM
It says that Canada and Europe would bring back the aircraft on their own terms and not that of the FAA. They are going to do their own safety certification and I doubt if any of those planes will be in the air in June. Perhaps the USA will certify them as early as that, but hopefully the FAA will take their time and do the job right as they should not have been certified in the first place.
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British Virgin Islands
05/24/2019 07:54 PM
I bet it would have been really great fun if a big swell had come up during the night or a serious squall, maybe they had foul weather PJ's aboard?
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British Virgin Islands
05/24/2019 06:21 PM
Just received this response from Tico:

"Thank you for your email. Sadly, TICO is no longer the distributor for Red Stripe, you should be able to purchase at Riteway. "

So what other distributors are on island? Caribbean Cellars does not list Red Stripe either
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
05/24/2019 04:34 PM
Ok, thanks for the info! So are you drinking your lunch? laugh Enjoy!
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US VI and Puerto Rico
05/24/2019 03:20 PM
Thanks for replies.
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British Virgin Islands
05/24/2019 02:46 PM
Unlikely to find a mooring for seasonal rental that time of year - but a possibility once you are here asking around.
Plenty of dock space, Crown Bay Marina, Yacht Haven, possibly Sapphire Marina.
Plenty of anchorage room in different areas if you are aboard, and maybe move to a marina for times you are off island?

You might post this on the USVI forum for some different responses.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
05/24/2019 02:01 PM
all i can say is GOD BLESS THE BOTH OF YOU !!!!
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British Virgin Islands
05/24/2019 01:47 PM
The yacht harbor is still being used by the Dive BVI boats and the Anegada Express, when it’s running, we tried going twice this week but they had mechanical issues. frown
The Rendezvous Bar and Bath & Turtle are now located next to Chez Bamboo.
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