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British Virgin Islands
11 minutes ago
Mo planes, mo problems. Significant weather effects over the year at their two main hubs surely was behind a lot of their issues. I’ve been flying them regularly through Charlotte for a few years and it’s been mostly without issue, aside from weather delays but those affected everyone else too.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
14 minutes ago
Thank you for this information. I will let our friend know and he will be very thankful to know this. It really is helping him and will make his stay on the island a lot more comfortable. This way we don't have to worry about any trouble at the Toronto airport. Thanks again....this forum is awesome!!!
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
33 minutes ago
Originally Posted by BillandElaine
We have no wifi on our phone, unless we hook up to it somewhere in a bar or restaurant or at home. I know people pay for those plans to have it all the time, but not everyone does.

Ditto. And if I'm driving and need to call someone I can, because I have the island phone and number. No wi-fi while on the beach or driving.
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Southern Caribbean
50 minutes ago
A direct flight from the States to St. Vincent would make travel there more tenable.
Tying up four day to just get there and back is such a waste of vacation days.
Trusting LIAT to fly on time or get your bags to your final destination is always a dice-roll.
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British Virgin Islands
1 hour ago
What an awesome experience that will be! I've been following Andy's podcasts and it would be amazing to sail with him and Mia sometime. Enjoy!
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US VI and Puerto Rico
1 hour ago
after over 40 years of living in STT and sailing hundreds of days a year I spent Xmas week 2018 sailing in the SVI for the 1st time.
I was impressed with the peaceful and beautiful anchorages and enjoyed it immensely. A family trip on a catamaran from Sail Caribe
in Puerto Del Rey - so I can't comment on the C&I regulations.
We provisioned in Fajardo at [Ralphs?] a good size well stocked supermarket and also brought some dinner and lunch items frozen in a cooler. Only had one meal ashore - in Vieques, Esperanza - at El Quenepo - very good.
There are quite a few mooring balls available throughout the more popular spots but I tend to anchor in most circumstances. We did use a paid mooring in Esperanza which served us well in very unsettled weather. Many of the local power vessels use the moorings stern to - the practice seems to often cause prop damage to the mooring lines so check them carefully if you pick one up.
The whole trip was wonderful in a way the BVI used to be, uncrowded and good sailing.
There are so many unspoiled bays and except for some of the more popular weekend power boat destinations it is truly a Virgin paradise.
I will be spending time there more often now having seen the beauty.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
Wow, that's terrible, another delay. I wonder whether the restaurant is also delayed further?? I had hoped to be able to go there in June.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
Will lock this one, as I don't know why you posted the same question twice.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
So Mama's is not going to reopened??? So, sad. It was one of our favorites when we wanted to stay close to home!
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
1 hour ago
saw him in October
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British Virgin Islands
2 hours ago
You may have a lot of solitude in Drakes. As to land marks, Colquhoun reef as you enter Virgin Gorda Sound will be to starboard. Be sure to pass the very, very last red navaid before truning into Drakes. Ashore, it is private land, there ar no faciliities ashore for cruisers. Could be open NE winds, but some what protected from the seas by the reef.

to each their own, but there are shallows and reefs in Eustacia Island and Sound, For the north side of Prickly Pear, might be a good plan ,to stay outside the sound and anchor between Eustacia Isalnd and Prickly Pear.. There are no navaids, and a reef that surrounds most of Eustacia Island.

The sound itself is full of reefs and coral heads, and very shallow. We do not take our mono hull sloops into Eustacia Sound. For your plan, The sketch chart in the cruising guide shows an anchorage area off the west end of the dock on Eustacia Island. Closer to Prickly Pear, South west of Eustacia is another anchorage area nearer prickly pear..

Note wind direction and conditions in Feb .

We have always moored inside, and took the dink thru the cut , marked channel with nav aids to oil nut. We only take the dink out to snorkel Eustacia Sound.

If anchoring between prickly pear, and Eustacia we would use a bahamian moor .
hBe sure h to check with your bare boat company chart briefer and make sure that you are OK to anchor in that area.

Be advised that weather in Feb the BVI can be effected by challenging weather conditions and strong Christmas winds 18-30 kts. from the NE. The north side of prickly pear hlas some very open areas to the winds and seas .We chose to anchor inside
the sound the sound with our 36 ft. monohul.

Even then, one of our 16 BVI trips , I was leading a loose fotilla of Newport Sailing Club boats, and we moored off BEYC, and Saba rock area. An un forecast strong low pressure area let lose its fury. We stayed put, stood watches, and did not attempt 'to take the dink ashore. A para sail fast motor boat, moored next to us sank. Some other bare boaters attempted to dink into BEYC, and were lucky to survive and needed rescue. When I was up in the V berth reading, the boat's bow was bounding up and down, plowing into the seas. We used double bridles on the mooring..... Well, while laying up against the V berth bulk head, trying to read, with my legs extended toward the bow my legs were flying of the bunk into the air.

By the next morning, the low had passed and we all went ashore to the Bitter End. All of our vessels and crews were safe. Those not at the bitter end had found safety in other mooring areas of Gorda Sound,

Just FYI

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United States & Canada
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by TravelHat
Probably got a deal on a A/I bus tour of Iowa and didn’t need anymore help

I went for Las Vegas and LA. I know they are too mainstream but it was my first time. So focused on basics! lol.. Next time I ll explore natural spots.
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World Wide Travel
3 hours ago
Last year I visited Barcelona for the first time! It was fantastic! It was my first trip to Spain. My friend and I booked a rather cheap hotel for 3 nights with all conveniences here - Since then, I have been using this service every time I plan to go somewhere.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
3 hours ago
Had Grouper at Chesterfields last week and it was fantastic, and Sunday night had Red Snapper at Toppers and that was also one of the
best I've had.
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British Virgin Islands
4 hours ago
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
6 hours ago
Yes, it was post Irma.
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US VI and Puerto Rico
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by cbinparadise
Never mind....they got blown away. frown
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7 hours ago
Originally Posted by BEERMAN
LBI2SXM, turned out great!

[Linked Image]

Seems so pretty and yummy too!
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British Virgin Islands
10 hours ago
No TV's at Cooper.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
12 hours ago
Originally Posted by PelicanPirate
That wasnt pointed at you but you are the first to acknowledge reading it which makesmyou thorough and conscientous.

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British Virgin Islands
13 hours ago
Pusser's just recently mounted new TVs in the bar so I suspect it will be on. Most likely, Paradise Club (right next to Rhymers) will be showing it.

Personally, Stoutt's Lookout is my recommendation. He always shows it.
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British Virgin Islands
13 hours ago
Yes. Still operating in Great Harbor, Peter Island.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
13 hours ago
Thanks for posting that website. Fare looks the same to me.
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St. Maarten - St. Martin
14 hours ago
Daily Extra had a big fire not too long ago , hence closed.
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British Virgin Islands
Yesterday at 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by NCSailor
Originally Posted by desdemona
As part of my duty as tour director of our group, I put together a binder that has menus from the restaurants on each of the islands we plan to visit. What I'm finding now is that many of them just use Facebook and no longer maintain a website that includes their menus. I would love it if those of you that are there or have upcoming trips would take pictures of the menus where you are eating and post them on here. We will be there on Oceanfront Property March 9-16. Thank you!

Wow...this is so OCD.... the opposite of what we do. We just show up and eat whatever is available.

Good for you!! Prior to my trip, when I'm sitting at my desk and want to take a break, I enjoy looking at the places we might go and that includes looking at menus. We have no problem 'showing up and eating whatever'!! Thanks for your reply.
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