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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: StormJib]
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StormJib said:
Rewrite: It is always best to stay away from the clutches, throttles, and wheel when someone else is tasked with driving the boat. It is always best to stay out of the work space of the person paid or "volunteering" to cook and clean for the group. If you are drunk that is doubly important. When invited for brunch I stay out of the kitchen unless specifically asked and I do not bring my own cooler of bacon for you to fry up for me.

If you were "invited for brunch" that means you're in someone else's home/business! This specific situation is concerning a cat that people paid to charter. For some reason you're focusing on this "drunk" aspect which has never been mentioned by anyone but you.

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: JustBS]
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JustBS said:
Besides, isn't there usually a cooler or a "snack basket" where folks can grab something if they're hungry?

Yes, always full and stocked with the snacks the guests requested. Also a cooler, full and iced with the guests preferred water, alcohol, and non- alcoholic beverages.

BUT, this was not a true "crewed charter", more of an a la carte hired staff of a captain and a cook. Perhaps an attempt at having a true crewed charter experience by piecing the staff together and self provisioning to save a few bucks ? Sounds like it. Some of the onboard guests had higher expectations for sure.

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: StormJib]
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StormJib said:In the opinion of the cook, hired to prepare meals for everyone, some of the meat spoiled and was disposed of.

Having lived down here for a year now I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the "chef" had never seen a dry-aged steak?

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: jandreas]
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Having lived down here a short time - one tends to see "dry-aged everything"... but, I digress

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: CGB]
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Having been to the bvi sense the 1972 . We have enjoyed reading this thread. We have alway chosen to bring down
Our meat and shop for all else local. We were down in July for two weeks and our liquor bill alone was about$1300. Yes we support the local economy and do eat out a bit and visit local bars. We enjoy cooking and all foods are for everyone.
With that said my question is. There are three side to every story. We have one side .I would love to hear from side two ( the cook and captain ) and side three ( something in the middle of all party's..
last of all my hopes that their friendship is not lost, friends are to precious.


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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: joeboo]
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i personally went to the catamaran company office Saturday morning before departure to grieve about having no hot water. We stayed in touch with them the first three days of the trip and after that....nothing . We were quickly spending our vacation trying to resolve issues that were not in their priority.

I emailed the catamaran company when I began this thread and received a phone call for our version of the trip issues. I was told they would speak with the captain and call me back within a week. Well it's been a month now and all I've heard is crickets......not surprising.

For those asking, we provisioned the boat ourselves. It was our food to eat any dang time we pleased. No one was drunk in the galley and only once did anyone enter the galley while he cook was preparing meals. And that was to open a bottle of wine for dinner.

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: Lakegirl480]
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Thanks for the followups.

I agree the charter company should have called you back as good customer service. They owe that to you regardless what the captain or cook said. To not do so is not right at all..even if they decided your case did not merit compensation. Shame on them.

My guess is that nobody wanted to make that call. Kind of human nature not to want to give bad news or tell someone "you have no case".

On the other hand the charter company I assume set you up with this captain and this cook. Do they have years of good reviews for this crew, know them, see them weekly, trust them. They relayed your complaints, the captain and cook gave feedback, the charter company came to the conclusion that you were not entitled to compensation. With your complaints as given here, and every other charter guest gave them kudos, I'm sorry to to tell you, they will rightfully trust the crew. A better response would be an apology for your feeling it was not the charter you wanted with a small monetary discount on another charter.

But regardless the only in some ways fascinating and totally bizarre part of this story that we obviously only heard one side of is that you blame the charter company for the disintegration of friendships back home with the fellow couples chartering the boat.

I suspect the comment way back something to the effect " they served the meat people brought to everyone on board including the crew." Had more to do with the hard feelings than the crew actions or failing hot water which should unite the crew in mutiny! :)

So again I would urge anyone not to invite people so you can have the charter of a lifetime and see those you invite as a way to lower costs...take a less expensive course. Then for gosh sakes if you take food aboard, unless a vegan or you have stashed a snickers for personal consumption..share and share alike. It's a party with people. Part of that is sharing experiences and food and drink.

Hope you return and have a better experience. Was not anything about this week enjoyable?

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: Will_L]
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Below Decks

Sometimes crews and guests see thing in a different light.

Ep 10: Charter from Heaven, Charter from Hell?

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: StormJib]
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No hot water: not a big deal in my mind. How long are you actually in a shower while on board anyway? 2 minutes? 3 mintues? And that's only every couple of days... Hell, half the facilities I've used on shore didn't have properly functioning hot water. It's friggin' hot enough down there, the water isn't going to be that cold.

Steaks: Yeah, I'd be pissed, and ask to be reimbursed for the cost of them or stop somewhere to have them replaced, but that would be the end of it.

Friendships Lost: That's on you and your friends. I've lost some "friends" due to events on (even before) a charter, but I sure a s**t didn't blame it on the boat

... just my $0.02

... DIF all the time...

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Re: The Catamaran company ,charter nightmare [Re: Lakegirl480]
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Why don't you post a picture of the Capt and the Chef and the busy body Capt from the other boat?

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