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Trip Report - day 5 -- 06-18-2017
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Day 5 -- 06-18-2017

Good evening from Mont Vernon,

This evenings interreflection is about magic. Magic, you might be thinking is not real, and certainly has nothing to do with St. Martin. Iím sorry to have to be the one to tell you my friends -- But you are wrong...

There is magic all around us. Magic that is yours for the taking, and all you have do is slow down a bit and look for it, and when you find it let it work on your soul.

We found took several helpings of magic today, and added them to our magic box called memories; and best of all they were freely given to Diana and I.

We took our first, and most powerful piece of magic this morning when we awoke from our dreams. We were both still there for each other, as we have been for the past 37-plus years, and always will be, until one of us leaves this earth in search of what lies beyond life. Love is magic. Love truly can conquer all of life's trials and tribulations. Claim this piece of magic, for it is the most powerful magic of all.

Our second piece of magic came in the form of a very small delicate black bird with neon green on its wings. This small bird flew out of nowhere, and landed on our balcony railing while we were having coffee, and enjoying the breaking of day. He was there for only a short time before he flew on to share the magic with someone else. Had we not been there at that time and place, this piece of magic would have been lost forever to us. Luckily we claimed it and added it to our magic box.

There is magic to be claimed in listening to the the gentle roar of the surf, as waves that started out a world away break and release their energy on the sands of the beach. This, to me, is special magic. For just as the waves slowly grind down the hard and unforgiving rocks of the land into soft and forgiving sand, it also slowly grinds away the troubles in the soul; And if you let it, it will soften your heart, and slowly wash your troubles away.

There is magic in a sunrise. To see the dark black of night slowly change to dark violets, and then a multitude of blues, and oranges, and reds, and yellows, and amber, and shades of gray. To see the disk of our life-giving star, slowly rise above the horizon, and to feel the cool of the night slowly give way to heat of day.

Yes there is magic there, in knowing that of the entire universe, there is only one place that man knows of where there are creatures, such as you and I, who can appreciate the magic, and that place is called Earth. There is also magic in knowing that if the earth were just a little closer to the Sun, or farther away from it, there would be no magic to be claimed by us, for there would be no people to claim it.

On Saint Martin, far away our everyday life, and the responsibilities that go with it there are opportunities that abound for you to claim your magic, just slow down, look for it, claim it and add it to your magic box.

Remember, the magic is back home too, it might be a bit harder to find it sometimes, but it is there, and waiting for you to claim it. And if at times you canít find it; open your magic box, and reclaim a piece of it from there.

People come to Saint Martin for many different reasons. Some, like us, come for the beaches. Some come for the shopping, or the restaurants, or resorts; but rather they know it or not they are really looking for the magicÖ

So our day was spent looking for and claiming our magic, and adding the pieces to our magic box.

I claimed a piece of the magic today while snorkeling along the rocks that run into Orient Bay. I had been out for a while, and wasn't seeing much. And then the magic was there, in the form of a school of juvenile Sergeant Major fish. There were probably a hundred or more of these small fish in the school, each not much longer than inch 0r two swimming among the rocks, and watching this giant of an intruder invading their domain. I spent several minutes hovering above them, claiming my magic of the moment, and adding it to my magic box.

There were several people on the beach today. For some, it was undoubtedly their first time to island, and Orient Beach. I couldnít help but wonder if they felt the magic, and claimed a piece of it for themselves. One particular young couple captured my attention as they arrived on the beach. The young woman wanted to go into the water with her husband, but he was not having any part of that. She pleaded with him for several minutes, before she went in alone, while he huffed and puffed and turned and walked away from her. He lost an important piece of the magic today, one that heíll never be able to reclaim.

Magic also came to me today, when perfect strangers a few days ago, started chatting and exchanging life stories with one another, and us like we had been the best of friends for a lifetime.

Magic came to yet again this evening, when after a long and enjoyable day on the beach, I saw my dear and sweet wife napping on the bed. She was more peaceful and relaxed than Iíve seen her in sometime, and I knew she had found her magic today too.

Have you found your magic today?

Please go out and look for your magic at every opportunity, and when you find it tuck it safely into your magic box...

So for now, Good night from Mont Vernon

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Re: Trip Report - day 5 -- 06-18-2017 [Re: astropilot]
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Re: Trip Report - day 5 -- 06-18-2017 [Re: astropilot]
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Great point of view. My wife has taught me over the years to look at the positive and always look for that little magic every day.

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Re: Trip Report - day 5 -- 06-18-2017 [Re: sjculmo]
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Nicely done...thanks for the reminder.

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Re: Trip Report - day 5 -- 06-18-2017 [Re: vacanakey]
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Certainly words to live by, very nicely done and your prose should have music scores with it.

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Re: Trip Report - day 5 -- 06-18-2017 [Re: phillygirl7]
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One magical word ... Bravo!!


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Re: Trip Report - day 5 -- 06-18-2017 [Re: astropilot]
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Thank you for composing and sharing this excellent post with the rest of us. It is good to be reminded of the magic around us and how truly blessed each one of us is if we just change our perspective and enjoy the bounty all around us. May the magic (blessings) continue for you and Diane!

"All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean...And when we go back to the sea...we are going back from whence we came."

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